Happy Fourth of July from Geekmom!

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Massive Leads with Facebook Groups

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One way to market to facebook friends is to add them to groups. You can have an informational group about your product that isn’t too spammy and add your friends to it. They can always opt out if they don’t want to be a member of the group.

Make it a how-to group or make it do something you know they would be interested in. Don’t do it more than once. Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t seem to tell you if they quit the group so keep track of who you invite. It might be easier to just invite all your friends and then once you’ve exhausted that list just move on and invite new friends as you use your attraction marketing skills to get to know them.

Never just spam.

I heard a story the other day where someone, a new friend, sent a message to a guy and when the guy refused the “friend” started belittling him for not joining him in business. This is NO WAY to conduct business. So what, someone doesn’t want to join you because of this or that–it’s his decision so respect it, but don’t use it against him. One day the same person might change his mind as you become more successful.

Be sure to check out the free facebook training offered on this page for gaining daily business leads.

How to Get Better Followers on Twitter

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Are you still chasing people on twitter and not getting any results? Or maybe you have just started trying to market your product on twitter and it just seems so intimidating! There are so many people out there with 24K followers, 100K followers, even 3K followers and you haven’t built your twitter list.

How do you get more followers without getting banned?

Don’t get twitter envy. Most people with over 100K followers are either celebrities of some sort or have been on twitter for a very long time. To get twitter followers, it’s a process. You need to focus on finding people interested in what you are doing and then follow them, mention them, and retweet them. Make them know you care. Do it daily. When you follow someone, let them know you’ve followed them by mentioning them. Don’t act spammy or they will block you or even worse, twitter might ban you or put you in twitter jail.

Don’t follow over 100 people per day or you will end up in twitter jail until you confirm you’re not a bot and removed if you keep on doing it. If you’re following interested people and you retweet what they do or mention them, they most likely will respond to your tweet to all of their people. These people will click on you and follow you. If they like your message they might even click on your product page that is listed on your twitter page.

It might be a long process, but if you really are consistent, you can grow your twitter list really fast. Make sure you are active.

You can learn more about twitter marketing at this free twitter webinar. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Sharing Instagram on Twitter and Facebook

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Sharing images on Instagram is pretty easy, but too often people don’t find out all the features available to them. It seems they just upload the image, add the text, and then send. Why not use the most out of your Instagram? It’s easy to send your new image to the other networks. Make sure you are logged into twitter, facebook, tumblr, and the others and then before clicking on the right arrow to continue sending your picture to Instagram, scroll down and select these services and your picture will be automatically posted. Be aware, that if it is your first time using Instagram with the others you might see a delay while it attaches the accounts. This is normal.

When you click send your Instagram picture or video will be send to Instagram and whatever service you choose. It will also include a link back to your Instagram so others might follow you there.

If you want to learn more about networking with Instagram, check out this free training.

OK Google Droid Commands for Easier Time Management

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I know, Apple had this YEARS ago and we were using it back then. Now Google has commands on your Droid phone and tablets. I think it works on the tablets. I know it works on the Droid phone using the latest Droid OS. This cool feature called Hotwords on your phone starts with OK Google or by pressing the little mic up at the top left corner of the screen.

I’ve been able to set reminders, alarms, and calendar appointments which are also saved to my google account. This is way cool. I haven’t found a way to share these events with other people from the Droid, but I know I can do it with google calendar.

To find out more about what commands are available, click here.

What is Attraction Marketing?

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Do you always feel like you go out prospecting and you come back with absolutely nothing? People seem to avoid you like the plague? Maybe it’s because the routine network marketing bandwagon starts with people getting their feet wet and not really caring who they present their ideas to. Don’t this the wrong way, people are generally likable, but if you’re just tossing CD’s or links out to total strangers then you’re either going to go broke buying new CDs or everyone is going to see you coming and walk the other way.

This method does for some people. It’s practice for some people until they figure out how to smile when nervous, but what does all that practice do for others who are green in the network marketing business? Nothing. It doesn’t help them at all. In fact, our animal instinct teaches us how to avoid uncomfortable situations and people can see you coming a mile away.

Why not practice attraction marketing instead? This way you can make friends who will continue to be friends in the future and they might say no at first, but they might say yes later. They can also lead to good friendships instead of someone who walks the other way saying “oh no, it’s that network marketing guy.”

You don’t have to be extremely funny to be likable. You don’t have to be popular and cool. Really, all you need a friendly smile and a genuine want for friendship. I totally understand the shy factor. My problem was that I didn’t think people would like me. I don’t know why, but it happens. People can sense this whether they know it or not and they will act on it. If you’re giving out vibes where you think they might not like you then it’s very possible they either might not or they might think that you don’t like them.

Just be yourself. You’ll find those who want to be near you and those who don’t. You’ll find those who want to buy from you, and those who don’t. You’ll find good friends and good acquaintances. You’ll also find those who want to join your networking and those who don’t. It all starts with a smile.

The Internet in Real Time

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Do you ever wonder what social network you should use? I personally use all of them, but this little chart puts in perspective how busy the Internet is.

Click the image to open the interactive version (via http://pennystocks.la).

You Can Make Money Selling Products on Amazon

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Many of you already know that I love amazon. I’ve been a dedicated shopper since they started selling just books back in the 90s. I was ecstatic when they started selling other items and almost orgasmic when they allowed regular people  to sell their own products and make money on the affiliate program.

Of course it quickly became over saturated with people selling and with saturation comes the good old problem of not being able to get your product listed in a way that it doesn’t get shemped down to the bottom of the list. This became a problem for many as they didn’t know how to use the system and many people failed in selling. A few gave up and some just keep on trying. Then there are those who figured it all out.

There are two main systems that are selling right now that teach you how to sell products on amazon. One is only around $350 and the other is around $3,500.00. Yes, that is a huge difference and as I understand it, they teach almost the same thing. Which one would you go with?

The reviews on the AmazonSellingMachine are pretty good. It seems people who are able to fork out almost four grand on a training system are doing pretty well. Of course they don’t tell you what accounts on amazon they have so there is no telling if they’re hitting the best sellers list or what comments are left. It’s really difficult to see what is going on. This product does cost around $3500.00 which is a huge amount for the average work at home mom. We’re all trying to save money and yet build an online business at the same time so this price range is way out there for a mom who is just starting out in Internet marketing.

The other amazon sales product is The Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. This product is only around $397.00. Now, this is still a little steep for many people just starting out in the world of online marketing, I understand this, but there are so many great reviews of the information he sells that it seems if you follow the directions that $397.00 will be paid off in no time.

I think one of the reasons why so many of these affiliate marketing gurus go with the higher priced item and entice people to buy it is because of the price tag. They make a lot of money with their huge lists while selling these products. You don’t need to pay thousands more for quality all of the time, and in fact a lot of the information you can get for free through various websites, tutorials, and youtube videos. Again, it takes a lot of time and knowledge to gather all the information and you will hit some stumbling blocks. If you don’t have the time to dig in and google your own information, then why pay thousands when you can just pay hundreds by buying this amazon sales product?


Google What Have You Done to My Search??!!??

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I am completely fed up with Google. I’m not talking about from an affiliate marketer’s point of view, I am talking about from a search and seek POV. I have tried to use google for the past few weeks to find up-to-date information for some research projects I’m working on and all I’m getting are articles from the past. I have no use for outdated information, yet the good info that is new is now shemped to the back of the search engine.

Google, your search algorithms suck now. I can’t find anything anymore without wasting hours searching through your pages. It is no longer worth my time! I’m using other search engines because walking through page after page costs my customers money for information that I should be able to grab at the tips of my fingers without digging so deep. It doesn’t matter if I use a little bit of keywords or a lot of very precise keywords, google, your site comes up with crap and some of it is dated in 2009 to 2012!

Please do change your search engine again. You have screwed most of the affiliate marketers that do put out good information and you have really messed with the googlers. I will not be using google until it gets back to normal.

Unlimited Free Traffic Everyday

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unlimited free traffic ebookI’ve been reading a lot of the books on Amazon about getting free traffic from the social networking sites. Right now you can get the Kindle ebook Unlimited Free Traffic on Amazon for free. I would actually recommend not paying for this book because it is mostly a sales pitch for a bunch of other books.

It also includes instructions an application that is in Chinese which makes it difficult to use and read. While the booklet has information on how to use the app, we really don’t know what the app is doing for us because of the language barrier. I like to know what I’m reading. So unless you know how to read Chinese then you could be taking a risk.

There are some great tidbits about traffic in the book so if you’re looking to just get hints then pick it up while it is still free. Buy Now for free!

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