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Resources for Professional Blog Building

Geekmom Web Services


Do Your Own Blog Hosting

You can do your own blog hosting! Register to get a free ebook and learn how to create a blog to market your services or product.

AmeriNOC – webhosting platform
GMail – free email program
Google Keyword Tool to help define keywords
Google Adsense for affiliate marketing
Domain names at NameCheap

Dreamstime for Images for blogs.

If you need articles written or someone to possibly create a wordpress template or help you install wordpress then visit one of the sites below. For technical help I would first check with AmeriNOC as their technical support team has always been very helpful to me and if it is something pretty basic it should be free.


Read My Blog –> All of my posts have been moved to For information on how to install wordpress plugins, become a full time wahm or blogger then visit

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