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New 30-Day Blogging Challenge Startup

July 22, 2014 · Posted in 30 Day Challenge · Comments Off 

I’m doing it again! If you are interested in setting a blog and social networking system as a marketing tool for your product then please do join my 30-day challenge. This free training is designed to help you achieve your online training goals without becoming a facebook spammer and annoying your closest friends.

Sign up for the challenge and get started right away. Whether you run a simple marketing blog for an affiliate program, you have a brick and mortar business, or you are starting a new network marketing campaign, this challenge is for you. It will help you learn about keeping your blog from getting flagged and keeping your social networking accounts safe from removal.

All training messages are sent to your email for 30 days while your website and business gain momentum. If you have any questions about the 30-Day Challenge, please ask them here on the blog so we can all answer and others can get assistance with the same questions if needed.

Good luck and most of all HAVE FUN!

Linking to Specific Time Frames on YouTube

July 22, 2014 · Posted in YouTube · Comments Off 

video marketing with geekmomDid you know that you can link to certain parts of a YouTube video where watchers can click and jump to any part of the video you specify? It’s not hard at all and makes it easier for your users to navigate through your video by adding a set of bookmarks or links in the description or anywhere you want to link your video. First, you need to watch your own video and make a note of the time to mark where to start. Then, make a link to the video and add the following syntax to the end of the link:  #t=02m21s where  #t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds.

For example, if you want a video to start at 2  minutes and 21 seconds when the user clicks on the link then just add #t=02m21s at the end of the YouTube URL. Take my video about social sharing your instagram pictures on other social networks. If you didn’t care about sharing on twitter or facebook and you only cared about sharing on Pinterest, then the link would look similar to this:

Go ahead, click on it. You will see it opens a new window and specifically puts the video at 1 minute and 9 seconds where I begin talking about Pinterest.

Some people put this in their description like this:

1:09 Use Pinterest:

So the user knows where to click to find Pinterest.

This can also be good for video gaming, hints, treasure hunt games, and all kinds of different social networking and Internet fun. Try it out and see if you can do it. It might make it a lot easier for your users to find information a lot faster.


Become a Rockstar of the Internet Marketing World

July 21, 2014 · Posted in Content Management · Comments Off 

internet marketing rockstar geekmomI’ve been producing web content and working from home since 2001 running and several other blogs and services. Back then blogs were called content management sites or CMS systems until the name “blog” or b-log became popular. While I slowly built up a group of people because I was also working on other projects and not dedicated a lot of time to building my site, others came along and dominated the market. Huge voices like John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, and Ray Higdon to name a few.

When one of these content masters speak, I listen because they always have something important to teach me. Whether it is a concept I already know about or it is completely new, I walk away with information I can use every time. I think it is very important for you, whether you work from home in a network marketing group or if you’re running a blog and selling content, that you show up to this webinar and listen to what Ray Higdon has to say about content marketing on the web.

Now, building a blog isn’t difficult if you do it right. If you have a topic and you know how to write decent English then all you need to do is find some web hosting and a domain name to get started. Add on an affiliate program or two and be off! These speakers bring more to the table than just how to get your blog started. Not only do they offer expertise in building your blog, but they prove that you can be successful just like they are.

I challenge you to attend the seminar on Wednesday and listen to what Ray Higdon has to say. I think you will walk away with some very important information that will help grow your business or get started on a new online business with a lot of enthusiasm and determination. Whatever you take away from the webinar will spur you on to making money online. Register below and I’ll see you there!

Become a Content Creatin’, Contest Winnin’, Profit Producin’, ROCKSTAR…

Even if you are brand new and feel you have NOTHING to talk about!

EMT Leader, L5 Leader, and Industry PowerHouse Ray Higdon takes center stage this Wed. at 9 PM EST… Click Here to Register.

Swagbucks Now Pays 10% for Life

July 20, 2014 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off 

It used to be that you only received a small portion of your referrals swagbucks, but for those familiar with swagbucks you will be happy to know they have changed it so the affiliate receives 10% for life. I don’t know if this is for only new signups or of if it is with all of your signups.

For those who do not know what swagbucks is, it is a program where you get rewards for doing tasks such as watching movies, rating sites and videos, and even doing web searches. You can trade your earnings called swagbucks in for giftcards from places like starbucks and

Click on swagbucks for more info.

Why Use Hashtags for Marketing on Social Media?

July 20, 2014 · Posted in Social Networking · Comments Off 

usehashtagsFirst, I’m going to answer the most commonly asked question by marketers who aren’t familiar with social networking. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the UNIX hash symbol or more commonly known to others as the phone pound sign. The hashtag is used on certain social media for finding like phrases and/or words so people can easily find others with the same interests. The hashtag has become so popular that people also use it in phrases where it will never be used in social media and some people have even started to use it in normal sentences while speaking.

For this little exercise I’m going to just use either facebook or twitter as the example so you can familiarize yourself with why and how to use a hashtag.

Open either facebook or twitter and in the search field type #networkmarketing. Notice that it shows where other people have used the words network marketing in one big word with the hashtag. These might be great people to follow if you’re trying to learn more about the business side of network marketing or you’re looking for a product to buy or even people to prospect. Now type it without the hashtag. On twitter your results might be a little similar, but facebook goes a little crazy and adds tlds (top level domains) or other unwanted verbage to your text. By using the hashtag symbol both Twitter and Facebook know that you are using something specific.

It is also used by companies to promote products or to get a group of people together who are familiar with the phrase to start a trend. Phrases such as #LifeIsGood are used by people wanting to express how much fun their lives are. Sometimes people make up irrelevant ones that no one will ever search, but can be used to stress a point or be amusing.

The sky is the limit on what you can use for a hashtag. If you want to know what is popular on certain sites, you can find lists of popular hashtags:

For instagram you can use:

For Twitter, just look at the side bar of your twitter profile or visit

For facebook I haven’t found a reliable source because it just doesn’t seem that popular to hashtag your facebook items as of yet.

Should you use random hashtags that mean nothing to people? I guess it depends. If you’re trying to make a statement then I would say do it, but if you are trying to group like words together and your word or phrase is obscure then no one is going to find the keywords. Using hashtags is a growing trend that doesn’t seem like it is going to go away. If you are searching for prospects or customers it might benefit you to search for hashtags related to your products. People looking to lose weight might put #helpmeloseweight or #IAmSoFat just for fun. Search for #mlm or #NeedAJob to find more niche people. Get creative when searching.

How to Run Instagram on Your PC

July 19, 2014 · Posted in Instagram · Comments Off 

Run Instagram on your pc How many times have you found yourself uploading photos to Google Drive or to your cell phone so you can share them with instagram? Isn’t it a royal pain? I love using instagram with cell phone pics, but I’m also into sharing images that I create or have saved on my pc. Uploading them to the phone is kind of a pain for me so I had to find a workaround.

I tried the emulator with Pokimenu, but it didn’t allow me to run a real instagram session. I had to run it through a different app and I couldn’t upload or take pics with this app.

I then tried Bluestacks. This is totally amazing. It doesn’t seem to have a huge memory footprint and I haven’t crashed because of Bluestacks as of yet. I am able to actually run Instagram and upload photos from my machine.

I couldn’t get it to upload and publish pics from the webcam. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps the photo is just to big for Instagram to process? Also, when doing a video session on cam, the sound was distorted and also never completed the upload.

I think I will just probably use it to upload images I have modified through Fireworks or immediate uploads from social sites while working on the PC. I will continue to use my phone for images and videos of all the fun activities in my life.

If you try and it and you are able to figure out why it doesn’t upload the webcam pics and vidz then please comment here. I think it is just because of the file or pixel size.


Happy Fourth of July from Geekmom!

July 4, 2014 · Posted in YouTube · Comments Off 

Massive Leads with Facebook Groups

July 4, 2014 · Posted in facebook · Comments Off 


One way to market to facebook friends is to add them to groups. You can have an informational group about your product that isn’t too spammy and add your friends to it. They can always opt out if they don’t want to be a member of the group.

Make it a how-to group or make it do something you know they would be interested in. Don’t do it more than once. Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t seem to tell you if they quit the group so keep track of who you invite. It might be easier to just invite all your friends and then once you’ve exhausted that list just move on and invite new friends as you use your attraction marketing skills to get to know them.

Never just spam.

I heard a story the other day where someone, a new friend, sent a message to a guy and when the guy refused the “friend” started belittling him for not joining him in business. This is NO WAY to conduct business. So what, someone doesn’t want to join you because of this or that–it’s his decision so respect it, but don’t use it against him. One day the same person might change his mind as you become more successful.

Be sure to check out the free facebook training offered on this page for gaining daily business leads.

How to Get Better Followers on Twitter

July 2, 2014 · Posted in Twitter · Comments Off 


Are you still chasing people on twitter and not getting any results? Or maybe you have just started trying to market your product on twitter and it just seems so intimidating! There are so many people out there with 24K followers, 100K followers, even 3K followers and you haven’t built your twitter list.

How do you get more followers without getting banned?

Don’t get twitter envy. Most people with over 100K followers are either celebrities of some sort or have been on twitter for a very long time. To get twitter followers, it’s a process. You need to focus on finding people interested in what you are doing and then follow them, mention them, and retweet them. Make them know you care. Do it daily. When you follow someone, let them know you’ve followed them by mentioning them. Don’t act spammy or they will block you or even worse, twitter might ban you or put you in twitter jail.

Don’t follow over 100 people per day or you will end up in twitter jail until you confirm you’re not a bot and removed if you keep on doing it. If you’re following interested people and you retweet what they do or mention them, they most likely will respond to your tweet to all of their people. These people will click on you and follow you. If they like your message they might even click on your product page that is listed on your twitter page.

It might be a long process, but if you really are consistent, you can grow your twitter list really fast. Make sure you are active.

You can learn more about twitter marketing at this free twitter webinar. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Sharing Instagram on Twitter and Facebook

July 2, 2014 · Posted in Social Networking · Comments Off 

Sharing images on instagram is pretty easy, but too often people don’t find out all the features available to them. It seems they just upload the image, add the text, and then send. Why not use the most out of your instagram? It’s easy to send your new image to the other networks. Make sure you are logged into twitter, facebook, tumblr, and the others and then before clicking on the right arrow to continue sending your picture to instagram, scroll down and select these services and your picture will be automatically posted. Be aware, that if it is your first time using Instagram with the others you might see a delay while it attaches the accounts. This is normal.

When you click send your Instagram picture or video will be send to Instagram and whatever service you choose. It will also include a link back to your Instagram so others might follow you there.

If you want to learn more about networking with Instagram, check out this free training.

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