Why You Should Never Host Your Domain on Facebook

Why You Should Never Host Your Domain on Facebook (Or any other 3rd party service!) I’ll tell you a story. A very horrid story that begins with facebook’s crazy rules. I had a facebook account which used my real maiden last name and a nickname...
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Having Fun With WPMU

If you have multiple WordPress sites then you might be interested in trying WPMU. The WPMU patch allows you to run multiple user run WordPress sites on one installation of WordPress. It can be used to support an organization of employees and departments, customer blogging...
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Do You Need a Google Sitemap?

What is a Google Sitemap? A Google sitemap is tree of documents that map out all of the pages on your site in an XML format. It can be created manually or generated by software such as the WordPress plugin Google XML Sitemaps. It basically...
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Stop Blog Comment Spam

What do I loathe almost more than people trying to wipe out our Bill of Rights with unconstitutional amendments? Comment spam! I have blogs out there with thousands of unapproved comments that nothing stopped. I have tried captcha codes, IP blocking, etc etc etc and...
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Using the Wayback Machine to Research Domain Names

It’s Throwback Thursday! I’m going to show you what geekmom.net looked like way back when on #TBT. You can see by clicking on the Internet Wayback Machine. If you’ve ever wondered where a domain has been before you’ve purchased it then you might want to...
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Coolest Cell Phone Invention Ever

coolest cell phone invention ever
Take Cell Phone Calls On Your Home Phone I think I have found the coolest cell phone invention ever. Have you ever wanted to just talk on your cell phone through your normal desk or wall phone instead of letting all of that cell phone...
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How to Run Instagram on Your PC

Run Instagram on your pc
How many times have you found yourself uploading photos to Google Drive or to your cell phone so you can share them with Instagram? Isn’t it a royal pain? I love using Instagram with cell phone pics, but I’m also into sharing images that I...
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Massive Leads with Facebook Groups

One way to market to facebook friends is to add them to groups. You can have an informational group about your product that isn’t too spammy and add your friends to it. They can always opt out if they don’t want to be a member...
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How to Get Better Followers on Twitter

  Are you still chasing people on twitter and not getting any results? Or maybe you have just started trying to market your product on twitter and it just seems so intimidating! There are so many people out there with 24K followers, 100K followers, even...
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Sharing Instagram on Twitter and Facebook

Sharing images on Instagram is pretty easy, but too often people don’t find out all the features available to them. It seems they just upload the image, add the text, and then send. Why not use the most out of your Instagram? It’s easy to...
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