The Latest Craze in Internet Marketing

Well, I’m not sure if this is the “latest craze”, but video marketing has become that latest buzz word for Internet marketing. There are so many people using sites like YouTube to kick off their product launches that a lot of people are trying to learn just how it works. Unfortunately, many people are simply too scared to do it for various different reasons.

If you’re afraid of video marketing, be afraid no more. Your WHY should be more important than your fear. If your reason is more important than showing your face on a video then marketing your online product with youtube or vimeo can really make your business soar.

Don’t be afraid any longer. If you’ve been wondering about video marketing and how it all works then this free webinar is for you. You’ll learn how to use YouTube to get leads and customers. So many people are afraid of doing this and this webinar will help you to not be so afraid of success.

ANYONE can be a youtube master–including you!

OK Now I’m Honored by a Blogging Pro

I just found out today that Shoemoney has put my t-shirt on his free shirt Fridaypromo and he says that he is a reader of my site. Well, I am honored and very excited about that!

I loved the comments by the readers. According to the commenters I look like a 60′s lady who may or may not be a female. LOL Thanks guys *wink* that is wonderful of you to say. I can guarantee to you that I have been running my site since 2001 and that I am VERY female and a Mom.

Listen, the mom’s of today have been working in the Internet industry and running home businesses for awhile now. It’s time that we start getting recognized as money making home business owners just as much as the guys. I’ve been working in computers and high tech since 1986 when I started working at Broderbund Sotware. Hmm… I think it was ’86. I’m listed on a couple of the “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” 5.25 disk packets and on a few of the other games. I think I’m even on the Nintendo NES game “Dark Towers”, although I could be wrong about being on the packaging.

I’ve worked at Apple, Maxis, and a few other companies that you may not know about. I worked for the NFL’s ATI (before they did work for the NFL) and now I’m a home business owner. So yeah, I’ve been a geek for quite some time and a Mom since 1990.

I’m not artificial vanilla flavor. I am the original Geekmom.

Thanks Jeremy 🙂

Can YouTube Videos Really Increase Your Ranking?

There’s a popular notion these days that YouTube videos can increase your WAHM rankings on google and others sites. While I haven’t done a lot of marketing on YouTube, which I should, I do think it can increase your ranking. Why? YouTube is a really popular site where, if you use a lot of really good keywords and your content is good content, you can get thousands of views on your videos. While you can’t use it for direct SPAM, you can add value to your products by doing reviews for them on YouTube which can help your site popularity.

At the webinar last night Mark Harbert discussed how releasing videos can increase your ranking on google and I really think he’s right. The problem I see is that people are so nervous about their videos that they never even try. I’m an example of this. Recently I chipped a bottom tooth and I have to go get it fixed. Even though there is a tooth, it looks like it’s not there so I’m just way too nervous to even try. I know, it’s a really lame excuse that I need to get over or go get it fixed. To get it fixed I need to make the money. To make the money I need to make the video. Vicious cycle, isn’t it?

So, I’m going to start making videos and with the motivational posts on other sites I’m going to get this together. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be making what I make per year in a month. There is no reason at all. That IS my goal is to make what I make in a month what I make in a year. I know it sounds crazy to some, but I know I can do it and you can too.

I think there are two big secrets of being successful with YouTube videos. One of these big secrets is to not give up. Make 1 or 2 per day and be persistent. This shouldn’t be difficult because YouTube even has a flash video recorder builtin to it and I can also make videos with my cell phone or netbook when I’m on the road. Easy! The other no brainer is that in order for people to see my videos I need to make sure my descriptions actually content in them. So many people forget this step and I think that’s why their videos aren’t seen. The more real information related to my video that I put in the description and tags, the more people will show up to see it. I’m not looking to make the most popular and funniest video on YouTube that gets millions of hits, but I am looking to make a video that can help other people. It might not get as many hits as the laughing baby or dog humping the neighbor’s leg, but it will get me moving in my business.