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moneyWe all have our goals in life and it looks like the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens have theirs. They’ve worked hard at defeating their divisions and will now come to play against each other in Louisiana at Super Bowl XLVII. Are you working your business like the two success teams today?

As a native Californian and a previous resident of San Francisco, I want the Niners to win. Now, had they been able to play my favorite team the Redskins then it would have been a different story. Fortunately, I believe it is an impossibility for the two teams to even play against each other in the Super Bowl. Honestly, I don’t even know if they’re in the same division or not.

Yes, as you can see I’m not the biggest football fanatic. I do, however, appreciate how hard these players must work to get where they are today. All the practices and scrimmages they play add up to a really hard game no matter where they are on Super Bowl Sunday. They’ve worked the whole season at becoming Number 1 and now it’s time to show the world, or at least North America, who has worked to be the best this year. Who has passed all of the others to become the Super Bowl champions for 2012/2013.

Are you working in your business as hard as a football player works at his game? If you are then you’re practicing daily and hopefully keeping your ideas fresh and clean. You’re not falling to the bottom like the rest and complaining about how hard it is to win because you are rising to the top. You’ve been losing some and winning many because no one can stop you. Sure, sometimes you fail, but this is expected. Teams on the way to the top fall along the way and then pick right back up again because they want to be successful at winning. Just like you.

Become a hard working Super Bowl player of your business and you too can succeed. No one will be able to stop you if you work diligently, legally, and honestly. These players had a goal in mind and that was to be there on February 3, 2013. They won their mini goals along the way and didn’t let anything stop them. Do the same thing and you too will be successful in your business.

Oh, one more thing in closing…


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  1. inga says:

    GO NINERS! What a totally motivational post.

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