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Social networking has been around for quite some time yet it is only recently that people have used videos to network with their friends and fans. I know I’ve used videos for demonstrations, but I’ve never really used them to show people about my life.

Do I want to give away that kind of privacy? At this point, I think so.  I’m ready to jump right in and do it. I’m actually a bit mad at myself for not doing it sooner. I was trying to protect “me” because I know there is so much in social networking where people can pry into your life, but I think it is time.

I don’t know why not. I’ve done presentations for people when I worked at Apple Computer and other various companies, yet I have to get over this shyness I have about myself. I think others in social networking should too. It’s time to break open that cocoon and let yourself go!

Don’t be scared. There are a lot of people jumping on the youtube social networking scene who were scared at first. I’m personally terrified, but I’m going to do it anyway. You should too. When the new 90 day challenge comes out I’m going to do that too. I suppose it wont be for another month or two which is a bummer, but I’m going to do it anyway.

So join me. Let’s visit each other on YouTube so we can follow our videos. If you’re a WAHM it is so important to get your word out there and this is the best way. Let people know you love what you do and show them.

My youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/therealgeekmom. Join me :)

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