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If you’ve been anywhere near a computer for the past 5 years you will notice that almost every presence on the Internet has some sort of blog. Whether it is the person writing their daily memoirs to their family across the world or a large company, someone is journaling about life or products somewhere.

In fact, right now if you type in a popular company name, the company may show up, but more often than not the daily blogs of individuals, competitors, and possibly even negative information shows more results than the actual company itself. Why? Because some companies aren’t taking action on one of the best forms of marketing around.

Search engines love data. They love lots of searchable text from sources that sound more of an authority of a topic. If Joe Blow has a blog that has great information and it has been around as long as the company itself, then you are taking a risk of letting Joe Blow say what he wants to about your company. If this what you want?

A good blog can also sell your product. It can create that need someone might have when reading about what you’re offering. If it can solve a problem then you’ll probably have an instant customer. If the customer can’t find you then he will find someone else–usually whoever pops up first in the search engine.

By creating a blog and updating it regularly and having it attached to your main domain, you are creating a source that will help boost your products in the search engine, but also give your future customers information that can sell right away. If you are using social networking such as facebook or Twitter, then your blog posts can be shared with friends and families of customers and help boost your site’s importance as an authority.

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