Who Is GeekMom?

Live Long and ProsperGeekMom is me!

I’ve been geekmom since the mid 1990s. I registered my domain geekmom.net back in 2000 because it was the thing to do. At that time I setup a phpWebSite CMS system and had it running for several years until WordPress came along. At the time I resold hosting services and developed websites for people as well as focused on affiliate marketing.

Now I simply resell webhosting and do a lot of business writing. I love it!

If you are looking to start an affiliate marketing business and you only have $13.00 for your domain name and nothing else then I can show you have to start a domain up for virtually free! If you don’t even have money for the domain then I can help you out with training on how to start a site on one of the many other systems out there. Just stay tuned to the pages here and I’ll let you know what to do.

What does Geekmom do? I do all kinds of things on this blog. I help people with tech questions on their blogs from WordPress to Blogger. I help people with affiliate marketing. I answer questions on online business. GeekMom has always been a catch-all for tech questions since 2001 I suppose.

As Spock always says: Live Long and Prosper!