Uploading the Backups on Geekmom

If you’ve noticed a bit of activity on the geekmom site you will see that I’ve been uploading all of the old backups that I have. This is a huge project and will take a bit of time–at least a few days, please hang in there and do not unsubscribe, it will subside soon.

I had a server crash and I’m just trying to get it all back online. While I had a backup of the blog, the datafile was corrupted and so was the database, but I do have backups. I have to do it the hard way haha on me I suppose. If you find weird links it is because I had to get a post from the web archive and I haven’t gotten around to updating the link or I might not ever update it due to a site no longer available.

This should be a good lesson for all of us: make a backup and backup the backup.

Enjoy your evening!

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