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Geekmom Services

Social Networking

If you’re too busy to run your facebook, twitter, and blog accounts then geekmom will do it for you. Daily updates of your status, product releases, and keeping in contact with your customers.

Website Design

I provide design and development of standard company sites including logo and site matching, color schemes, embedded video, product pages, and overall site design.


geekmom blogs for others daily. If you need blog posts written about your products or need a blog created with a package of articles and a simple site design then geekmom can do this for you. I install the appropriate plugins to make your site work.


There are several different design and maintenance packages available which include a combination of site design, social networking via Twitter, LinkedIn, and facebook, and blogging. In the era of Web 2.0 you really need to connect with your customers through blogging and social networking as well as having a top-notch site.

Gaming and Forum Moderation

I’ve been moderating gaming sites for years and it’s fun. :) While I do believe in freedom of speech, I’m also very adamant about protecting kids from creeps. Gaming sites for kids should be proactive in protecting the kids from predators and parents should be responsible in not letting kids play games that are meant for others.

I do outsource to other geekmoms when I am overbooked. If you are interested in doing some outsourced work for me and you are a US citizen, please use the contact form to send your resume. Include samples of work. This would not be a full time job and there is no guarantee of work.

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