Massive Leads with Facebook Groups

One way to market and get massive leads from facebook friends is to add them to groups. You can have an informational group about your product that isn’t too spammy and add your friends to it. They can always opt out if they don’t want to be a member of the group.

Make it a how-to group or make it do something you know they would be interested in. Don’t do it more than once. Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t seem to tell you if they quit the group so keep track of who you invite. It might be easier to just invite all your friends and then once you’ve exhausted that list just move on and invite new friends as you use your attraction marketing skills to get to know them.

An even better idea is to ASK if they want to be added to the group and make it optional. This is a good way to keep facebook from removing your group from SPAM. It might not grow as fast, but at least it will still be there in a year while you are still marketing. Simply send a message and a link to your group asking them to join. Many people appreciate that better than just being added.

Never just spam.

Add more than just spammy posts to the group. Post topics that are related, but not directly, to the product you are promoting. For example, if you have a makeup group then post makeup tips. These don’t have to be tips using your products, but you can always say later “use this product to create this effect.” People might think it’s a great idea to then buy the product.

I heard a story the other day where someone, a new friend, sent a message to a guy and when the guy refused the “friend” started belittling him for not joining him in business. This is NO WAY to conduct business. So what, someone doesn’t want to join you because of this or that–it’s his decision so respect it, but don’t use it against him. One day the same person might change his mind as you become more successful.

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