Make Money Online for Free!

Broke? Don’t have a lot of money after the Christmas holiday but you would like to save money for next year and possibly have a profitable online business and start it now?

Here is an idea you can run with. I’ve done it before with pretty good results. You can get a free page and use it as an affiliate marketing site. It’s really simple:

  • Start a tumblr account.
  • Find an appropriate topic.
  • Create a free mail list on MailChimp
  • Create an affiliate account somewhere like
  • Create a tumblr site (you can create more than one with one account)
  • Write a bunch of articles and schedule them on your new tumblr site for every few days so there are 2 per week.
  • Add links to your affiliate site within the text of your verbage.
  • Add your mail list to your tumblr site.
  • Start following people on tumblr and commenting on their related topics.
  • Tumbl some other topics from other people with a note about your stuff. Don’t make it spammy.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Create a YouTube account and release videos related to your topic.
  • Share those on social networks.
  • And that’s it! It is pretty easy once you start a few blogs.

I’m going to be quite honest with you, it is better to get your own domain name and buy your own web hosting. A domain name is only about $12.00 per year and the web hosting starts around $3.95 per month. The affiliate marketing is free as is the social networking and YouTube.

The pros of creating a tumblr site is the obvious: It is free. It is also easy to get a tumblr page popular on tumblr if it catches on. Tumblr posts used to post easily on google, but I haven’t seen a lot of articles lately from tumblr post high on google. It is also nice that you will have a mix of pictures from others and verbage of your own.

The biggest problem with creating a tumblr site is that tumblr can take it down at any time. Save your prose if you blog using tumblr. They used to not be friendly to affiliate marketing, but since Yahoo! bought them they have become a bit friendlier.

Just don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Know what I mean?



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