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Blogging has been a hot topic for almost a decade now. What started out as journal websites and web logs has now been merged with content management systems and turned into blogs. At first it was meant to be more of a journal for a person and then the two systems seemed to have collided into a blog. As the software become more sophisticated more people and companies started using the blog software as a tool to create websites that are easily updated without the hassle of uploading files.

I run about 20 blogs that constantly change throughout the week. People come back for information on niche markets and read weekly content. From these pages I sell adlinks and products. This site is a blog. As you will see from this site I have affiliate links to many books on HTML, blogging, and design. I also resell this site in book format and I’m an affiliate for a few website services.

Every week there are 1 or 2 new articles on each one of my blogs that draws attention to my affiliate links.

There are hundreds of people doing this for a living. There are magazine sites hiring tons of people as professional bloggers. There are companies who hire bloggers to write about weekly news or product updates. The possibilities are almost endless.

Do you love to write? Do you have an affection for Internet marketing? Maybe you enjoy doing the techie work? Any of these can help spur you along your way to owning a professional blog.

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