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As you know, I do a lot of modifications to many different WordPress themes when allowed. What you might not realize is that I try to add as little extra code as possible.


Because WordPress updates all the time and so do themes. If I add something really great like a facebook like button or a twitter retweet button I am going to want these buttons to be easily adapted to the next theme I try. I don’t want to go inside the code and change it all over again. This why plugins work so much easier.

Sure, some programmers might say that is cheesy or something silly like that, but it’s not cheesy. It’s realistic. I don’t want to spend so many hours on redeveloping themes or hacking other people’s themes just because I know how. Why reinvent the wheel? Just install a plugin that works and be done with it.

It’s not difficult to add code to a page, it’s just time consuming considering the backup work that needs to be done and slipping the code in the right place on a new theme.

Plugins can be a hassle too. One bad installation and your whole database can be wiped out. Just be sure to backup the database before installing a new plugin or you might have some issues.

WordPress makes web building much easier for bloggers and site builders. Why make it so hard on yourself? Just present the information and go!

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