Free Images for Your Blog and Website

Blogs are so much more interesting with pictures which means if you are blogging then you are either going to be spending a lot of time capturing images with your camera or you will be downloading free, royalty free images or paid, royalty free images.

Paid for royalty free images are pictures that you can download from sites after paying a single fee for each image or a monthly fee. Places like Dreamstime and iStockPhoto have quality images that are uploaded by people who want to get paid for their pics. The pros for this service is that you will be paying for something that is less likely to be used in other blogs and you are usually helping a freelance photographer get paid. The cons is that it costs a lot of money to use many of these images.

Free, royalty free images are ones that you can use in business or for personal use without a fee. There are many sites that I will list below that carry royalty free images. The pros are obvious: it’s free and they are usually quality images. The biggest cons are that you don’t know how many other sites are using these images and you don’t really know if they are really created by the person who uploaded them.

A disclaimer: There is at least one blogger who has been sued using images in her blog. She had permission to use the image through the site she downloaded it from and then was subsequently sued by the original photographer. So be careful!

Be sure to thank the creators of these images after using the image.



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