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make money google keyword ad toolIf you’re at a loss on how to find a domain name that will work for your readers and google too, then use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  This tool will help you search for keywords that are used frequently by PPC advertisers and help you narrow down your competition or at least give you ideas if you are stuck.

When I chose the name geekmom I didn’t know about finding names in google because I started using the name long before people were using tools like the adwords keyword tool. I picked geekmom because I was a mom working in tech support and IT while raising kids. I brought my kids to work sometimes when allowed and I also worked from home. So many years I sat on the phone with a bottle in my hand telling people how to change their PATH in the autoexect.bat file that I’m surprised the first words out of my son’s mouth wasn’t PATH.

What you need to do for your business is to find out what name works for your brand. It can be a catchy phrase or something that people will search for on the search engine or even both. I know many people don’t search the word “geekmom” so I was obviously focused on branding who I was in 2001 when I ordered the domain name.

Using the tool type in a phrase that represents your product and pick out the keyword phrases that have a lot of results. I usually put quotes around mine to make the search very phrase specific. Now, look at the global monthly searches. Is there a lot of interest in these words? If you scroll down, are there are lot of other choices that you can use throughout your blog posts as keywords? This will give you other ideas to use in your posts that might have an impact on how your pages are ranked.

If you’re looking to hit the top of google and you have niche that you know people are search for then less searches might work out for you. Click on the arrow to right of the keyword you’ve chosen and select Google Search. It will open a new window and display the search results and the number of pages with those keywords listed. These are all the sites you will need to compete with to get at the top.

Some blogging pros tell you the higher number on the search results is a bad thing, and if you’re just relying on google results if could be if you are just marketing your products through the google search engine. If you are using other methods discussed in my blog and other blogs I recommend reading, then you’re going to make money using the other ideas. Google changes their search equations quite frequently and it would be a full time job changing your blog to represent what they telling you to do to get on the top of their pages. I personally recommend building a huge list of people who enjoy your topic and getting your brand out there as a known brand as well as social networking because at one moment you could be at the top of google and the next moment be on page 2 and then it swaps again.

Another note, if you are creating an adult blog and you wish to find similar phrases, be sure to click the Advanced Options and Filters tab as the “Include adult ideas” option will be unchecked by default.


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