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Do you want me to check out your affiliate program? I can’t promise that I will join every program out there, but I will check it out and give you a candid idea of what I think about it and report it to my mail list. Some I try, some I don’t. It all depends on if it looks legal, profitable, and not yet saturated. I haven’t decided whether or not to tell you about it on this blog. This blog is special to me. I don’t want some crappy system screwing me over if I pick a wrong choice and put it’s affiliate code here then find out later I’ve been banned from facebook and google because of an over saturated and over spammed domain.

Don’t expect my review to happen over night. Join my mail list and wait to see if I’ve reviewed it.

I do have specific criteria:

  • It has to be marketed on the Internet. So no programs that forbid you to do that.
  • It has to be an honest system.
  • It needs to be a legal system. No pyramid schemes. No illegal content. No illegal products.
  • It needs to be something parents can be proud to tell their kids about. LOL No MLM porn sites please.
  • It has to have a great product. Some products are a dime a dozen. Let’s think unique here.
  • It has to be able to make a nice chunk of money yet it doesn’t have to be huge. I like the idea of some of the penny matrices. I like the idea of some of the big packages. Most people don’t have enough money for the big packages so I don’t invest all of my time and money into some the $5,000 per month training systems. Why? Because they’re getting saturated now. You can still send me the info and I will write my opinion on it, but don’t expect me to jump because you promise me millions.
  • Follow me on twitter, facebook, and join my mailing list.

So take a chance and send me your money making program. Tell me how much you’re making and when you got started. Don’t lie. I can see right through the bull crap right away. If you’re just starting out and haven’t made anything then tell me this and why you’re doing it.

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