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Can YouTube Videos Really Increase Your Ranking?`

There’s a popular notion these days that YouTube videos can increase your WAHM rankings on google and others sites. While I haven’t done a lot of marketing on YouTube, which I should, I do think it can increase your ranking. Why? YouTube is a really...
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The Latest Craze in Internet Marketing

Well, I’m not sure if this is the “latest craze”, but video marketing has become that latest buzz word for Internet marketing. There are so many people using sites like YouTube to kick off their product launches that a lot of people are trying to...
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Use a Template for Your WordPress Posts

Are you hosting your own WordPress site and allowing other people to post on the site and you want to keep a standard posting template so that all of the posts have the same look and feel? Then you might need a posting template plugin....
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Why Video Blogging is So Important

Social networking has been around for quite some time yet it is only recently that people have used videos to network with their friends and fans. I know I’ve used videos for demonstrations, but I’ve never really used them to show people about my life.
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