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Bitcoin for Geekmom?

So I’ve had a bitcoin account for awhile now. I tried a couple of freebie games on it just to play and I have about 1.5 bitcoin which at the time while I was playing the games was about $10, I think. I didn’t pay...
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Getting Paid While Being Sick

Do you know what I love about today? No, not that I’m lying in bed typing this while coughing and being sick. I love that with the Internet Marketing programs I belong to such as iXcel and Empower and the all the webhosting and blogging...
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Make Money Blogging – Free Ebook

    If you have a product to sell then a blog is a MUST! Even if the company gives you customers, you need to get your customers. By learning how to put a blog and use the methods in this book you can gain...
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Geekmom’s Internet Money Secrets

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. I have been working from home using the Internet since 2001. I didn’t have a choice. I was laid off from a $90K per year job in the high tech industry. I moved to Wisconsin...
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Revitalize Your Why in Your Home Business

Do you need to refocus on your home business and your reason for doing it? I had to. Recently I noticed sales falling and it is mostly because I had lost focus on my “why”. The why is the reason why I’m in business in...
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How to Get Paid with Real Writing Jobs

Today I’m going to tell you how to get paid through real writing jobs online. The global recession has cost millions of jobs all over the world. People are getting laid off or fired because employers just can’t afford to keep them any longer. Many...
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