Uploading the Backups on Geekmom

If you’ve noticed a bit of activity on the geekmom site you will see that I’ve been uploading all of the old backups that I have. This is a huge project and will take a bit of time–at least a few days, please hang in there and do not unsubscribe, it will subside soon.

I had a server crash and I’m just trying to get it all back online. While I had a backup of the blog, the datafile was corrupted and so was the database, but I do have backups. I have to do it the hard way haha on me I suppose. If you find weird links it is because I had to get a post from the web archive and I haven’t gotten around to updating the link or I might not ever update it due to a site no longer available.

This should be a good lesson for all of us: make a backup and backup the backup.

Enjoy your evening!

Did You Make Your New Year Resolutions About Business?

So many of us make new year resolutions about our lives that we forget about our small businesses. The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect what you did right or wrong in your business and try to do better the next year. The SBC for Canada About page talks about how important it is to drop old habit and begin new ones that work in their New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Success article.

If you continue to do what isn’t working then you will continue to fail. There isn’t a magic fairy who flies around tagging small businesses and giving them luck. Successful businesses adapt or redo their business and marketing plans to do what works for them. If you do not learn from history then history will repeat itself and you will not make more money.

Reviewing your business plan will stop all of this from happening. When you refresh your memory of what your original goal was in the first place and rework your steps to meet that goal knowing what worked and what didn’t the year before, then you can continue on your path to success in 2014.

I Can’t Get My Boss to Care About SEO

You love your job and care about your company. You see a clear need to improve your company’s web presence in order to keep up with the competition. Your boss however doesn’t want to hear about this search engine optimization stuff. He’s got different priorities that deal with “real” business opportunities and with budgets being so tight, he definitely doesn’t want to invest in something as unproven as SEO.

This is probably sounds familiar for many motivated, forward-thinking employees that work at more traditional companies. Your boss’ sentiment is understandable though. SEO is still a pretty vague concept for many people and hasn’t been part of doing business for all that long.

To help you strengthen your arguments the next time that you discuss SEO with your boss, we’ve rounded up a few possible reasons why your boss doesn’t care about SEO yet, and how you can change this.

  1. There’s No Story

Data is not always easy to understand, especially when you’re not well versed in the subject matter. In order to explain the benefits of SEO to your boss, you need to create a story to go with your data to make the data easier to interpret.

Don’t just show your boss rankings and conversion rates, but tell him/her which important business KPIs this data drives. Show him/her the impact on sales, marketing costs, etc.

  1. Are Competitors Doing It?

Depending on whether your competitors are using SEO or not, you can play this two ways. If your competitors are active in the SEO game, of course you need to get into it too. Show your boss – again creating a story around the data that you have – how your competitors are driving sales with SEO.

If your competitors are not using SEO at the moment, this is your opportunity. In order to gain that competitive edge, you need to develop your business in a way that your competitors are not. Leveraging SEO early can keep you ahead of your competitors. Also, if there’s no real SEO competition in your business, it will be easy and relatively cheap to get started and see quick results.

  1. Your Boss Doesn’t See the Bigger Picture

SEO isn’t just about ranking higher in search engine results. Your boss might not know this though. You have to convince your boss that SEO can positively affect many aspects of your business. Increasing visibility, building up your brand name and authority and lowering costs of customer acquisition are all potential benefits of SEO.

There are many benefits to implementing SEO in a company. Put all together, these benefits create a much more compelling story to sell to your boss than if you just focus on rankings and conversions.

It’s time to create a great SEO story and start selling your boss on all the benefits of SEO. Can’t for the life of you convince him/her this is something the company should be investing in? Perhaps it is time to leave the ship and start your own business. That way you can do as much SEO as you want.

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO for Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin based web design firm. His boss cares greatly about SEO.

It’s School Time Again and Time to Plan Your Blogging Schedule

Today is the registration day for the new year of school and then in 6 days the kids start school again. Am I excited? A bit. I do love spending time in the summer with them, but I also like to work and it slows down business which is why I’m writing this article.

When your kids are at school you should be taking advantage of the time off. Isn’t your goal to spend as much time as possible with your kids and that’s why you started your business? Then summer comes around and you realize that you don’t have as much time as you would like to work on your business? I’m sure we have all thought about this and by the time summer ends you’re about to pull your hair out because you haven’t done as much as you have wanted to do over the 3 months.

This year let’s change the pattern. We have about 10 months left of the year to get moving to a profitable summer.  What we need to do is plan ahead and get things done on a daily basis while the kids are at school. What can you get done during this time? Articles? Videos? MP3s? Everything? Of course! If you plan to do x amount of articles and social networking per day then you will be ready to enjoy next summer without freaking out about your business.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Last year got cut short because we had some issues  at the school and my son was home schooled at the end of the year then summer came. As you notice that is about when I stopped posting a lot of articles. That was completely my fault. I didn’t anticipate this to happen so I didn’t plan for it and my blog suffered probably a huge hit in SEO. This year I’m going to do it differently and I want you to do it with me. Let’s plan ahead and get all of our work done before school gets out. Let’s use the first 6 months of fall and winter to make the following 6 months easy to manage. All we need to do is plan ahead.

We can get done most of the posts and schedule them and unless there is a big change in the way things are done the posts will remain. We can still plan videos and do them early and then release them later on. I don’t believe youtube has a calendar release schedule, but it does have a way to somewhat hide the video until you’re ready to go public.

All you need to do is setup a calendar and enter in all of your important dates then get them done. What was that Ronco commercial with their rotisserie oven?  Set it and forget it? Something like that. It’s just like that. It will totally work for you if you work it. You just need the dedication and focus needed to get those articles out. Then, when they’re already to go set aside a few other articles for marketing your main blog articles. Save them in a folder on your hard drive with the date to be released and upload them to the ezine sites or other places you plan on marketing your work. That way it takes you a couple of seconds just to upload what you have. Use this time to write the articles and the summer just to post them if the places you post do not have a scheduling calendar. If they do then totally take advantage of the process just like you would with your blog.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to get your blog moving, but it does take dedication and consistency. Make it work for you and never ever stop because once you do then you need to pick off where you left and it’s almost like starting all over again.

Writing for New Mom Bloggers – Tips and Tricks

Mom bloggers have greatly increased in popularity over the last few years. Because parents will often seek the advice of other parents, whether it has to do with raising children or simply making the best household decisions for your family, mom bloggers can touch on a variety of subjects that will interest other moms or parents in general.

If you’re new to the mom blogging experience, there are a few tips and tricks available that will help make your new endeavor more rewarding and successful.

Know what topics you want to discuss.

Before you start, it’s important that you decide what type of topics you want to discuss on your blog. Are you going to use your blog to talk about kid-friendly recipes, kid-friendly activities, or touch on a variety of these topics? Knowing what you want to use your blog for will help you create a schedule for your posts and allow you to stay on track.

Decide on a schedule.

Creating a schedule before launching your blog is a great idea. This way, you will have your topics and schedule assembled so that you are more organized. At first, it’s always a good idea to limit yourself to one or two posts per week. This way, you’re giving yourself ample time to write, proofread and post your work. If you try to generate one post per day right at the start, you’re going to find that it’s hard to stay on track, and you may end up failing.

Have a few posts written and published before going live.

Before you go live with your blog, it’s a good idea to write and post a few blogs. This way when your site goes live, you’ll have a variety of topics on your site that your readers can enjoy. This also allows them to get the feel for your writing and your blog’s topics to determine if this is a site that could benefit them.

Spread the word.

Once you decide to go live with your blog, you need to spread the word. Send an email to your friends and family with a link to the site. Post a link to your site on your social networks and ask your friends and family members to do the same. The more you can spread the word about your blog, the more readers and interest your blog will end up getting.

Don’t do it all at once.

There is no rule that says you have to tackle all the blogging perks right away. Starting off slow allows you to not only get your feet wet and establish yourself as a blogger, but it also allows you to determine what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your own schedule. Some mom bloggers are so determined to monetize their blog right away that they tackle the writing, posting, ad selling and affiliate programs right away. Then, they realize they don’t have time to manage it all and end up giving up on their blog altogether.

Instead of running this risk, make sure you start off slow. After you’ve generated a few blogs, start testing the waters of selling ad space. Once you’ve done that successfully, you can consider joining affiliate programs or becoming a guest blogger.

Lauren Williams is a freelance writer and dedicated mother who enjoys blogging.  She is a grammar guru and always uses a grammar checker before publishing her work.

Tweeter Trending – An Alternative To Reviews In Understanding Your Clients’ Needs

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks online, and it matters to your business. A lot. If you want to understand your clients’ needs, Twitter can help you. Right now, you’re probably scouring online reviews and analyzing them to gain new insight into what your clients think about your business. While reviews are helpful, Twitter can be even more so.

Limitations of Reviews

There are many limitations to the information you get from online reviews. In most cases, people only write online reviews when they have strong opinions. This means that you’re learning about your clients’ needs mostly from people who either love your business or hate it, and you’re hearing much less from the people in the middle with less extreme and more average viewpoints. Many times those reviews also exist with fairly little information on who posted the review, such as their demographics, other interests, etc.

Benefits of Twitter

Twitter, on the other hand, can offer you a lot more information than individual reviews can. The most obvious example would be if any Twitter users “mention” your business or products. There are lots of programs that can help you track certain mentions, terms, etc. When you identify those mentions, you have the ability to see the commenter’s entire Twitter history. From there, you can learn more about their interests, opinions, location, etc., which will give you even greater insight into their needs as your customer.

Tweeter Trending

The other big thing that Twitter can do is help you identify trends among your clients’ and the rest of the world, too. With #hashtags, you can find what’s popular, as well as track all the tweets that pertain to a certain #hashtag you’re interested in. Most importantly, you can look for trends among your own followers. Those trends can give you very important information about them and their needs, even when they’re not talking about your business in particular. Those trends can provide very valuable information for your business on how to connect with your clients, as well as how to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and new ideas.

Twitter Conversations

On Twitter, you can also jump in on the conversations or start them. While you can respond to client reviews, it’s much less efficient. You can mention clients or direct message them. You can tweet out questions that would provide interesting answers from your clients, and encourage responses, especially with the use of a catchy #hashtag. A good, thought-provoking tweet could generate a much bigger and more insightful response than any one review could provide. You will be hearing from the average clients in addition to the more outspoken ones on Twitter.

If you’re not tracking the trends on Twitter, you need to start. Reviews are old news. While reviews definitely still matter, trends on Twitter are more helpful for gathering ideas that will appeal to your clients and improve your business for them.

Julie Myers is a social media manager and expert reviews tracker.  She is currently teaching others about tracking new review alerts.

The Latest Craze in Internet Marketing

Well, I’m not sure if this is the “latest craze”, but video marketing has become that latest buzz word for Internet marketing. There are so many people using sites like YouTube to kick off their product launches that a lot of people are trying to learn just how it works. Unfortunately, many people are simply too scared to do it for various different reasons.

If you’re afraid of video marketing, be afraid no more. Your WHY should be more important than your fear. If your reason is more important than showing your face on a video then marketing your online product with youtube or vimeo can really make your business soar.

Don’t be afraid any longer. If you’ve been wondering about video marketing and how it all works then this free webinar is for you. You’ll learn how to use YouTube to get leads and customers. So many people are afraid of doing this and this webinar will help you to not be so afraid of success.

ANYONE can be a youtube master–including you!