OK Google Droid Commands for Easier Time Management

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I know, Apple had this YEARS ago and we were using it back then. Now Google has commands on your Droid phone and tablets. I think it works on the tablets. I know it works on the Droid phone using the latest Droid OS. This cool feature called Hotwords on your phone starts with OK Google or by pressing the little mic up at the top left corner of the screen.

I’ve been able to set reminders, alarms, and calendar appointments which are also saved to my google account. This is way cool. I haven’t found a way to share these events with other people from the Droid, but I know I can do it with google calendar.

To find out more about what commands are available, click here.

Add Your Twitter Timeline to Blogger

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It’s not difficult to add your Twitter timeline to Blogger. In fact, it’s as easy as it is to add it to WordPress. Watch this video:

Change Your Search Add-Ons to Include SwagBucks and Make Money!

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We’re all using SwagBucks by now, right? At least I hope you would be using a search engine that makes you money for simply search and doing what you do every day. I bet that some of you even use that search engine in the upper right corner of your browser and you haven’t even changed it yet to support SwagBucks. Here’s how to do it to make sure you get the most out of your search:

  • Click on the little icon representing your search engine. Right now it is most likely set to google or yahoo.
  • Click on Manage Search Engines
  • Click on Get More Search Engines
  • Type SwagBucks in the Add Ons search window
  • Click on Add to Firefox.

Once this is added, and you shouldn’t need to restart your browser, move it to the top of the list so it is your default search. Do this by following these steps:

  • Click on the little search engine icon/logo in the search bar.
  • Select Manage Search Engines.
  • SwagBucks will be at the bottom. Scroll down and click on it.
  • Click on Move Up until it moves all the way to the top of the list.

Remember, you must be logged into SwagBucks every time you use the search tool to get credit. I’m usually always logged in, but be sure to check.


Need a Stopwatch for Thawing a Turkey or Managing Your Webinars?

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Yes, it’s Thanksgiving again and like most Internet marketing moms I am thawing the turkey while writing up blog posts and doing some social networking. So how do I keep track of the 30 minutes when I need to change my turkey thawing water? I use the Free Countdown Timer the I downloaded from CNET.  I can run multiple countdowns on this clock which is so helpful for cooking while I’m working. I can have all the oven timers go off at different times without worrying about burning anything.

Not only is it helpful with cooking, it is also helpful when timing web seminars on Google Hangouts and other web seminar meetings. It’s great for timing web video recordings and mp3’s. It’s good for timing contests during your seminars and managing your time while doing the seminar.

Imagine dividing your seminar topics into 4 different topics with a beginning, middle, and end helping you navigate when to switch topics and sections into your webinar. I run it on my second monitor while working in my webinar so I know when to change topics. I can also time cooking dinner during the seminars because hey, isn’t that what all of us Internet marketing moms do?

Download it and see if it works for you. I know it did for me.

Earn Giftcards By Searching the Internet

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If you join SwagBucks you can earn giftcards for places like amazon.com and starbucks just by searching the web. I know that I search the web a lot for research so it really does pay off. You can also watch videos, participate in searches, and do other activities.

I know Bing offers such a service, but as far as I know Bing does not have referral codes that give you even more money and the giftcards available on SwagBucks are 25 points cheaper than Bing–at least the ones I researched were.

So come on board and join me at SwagBucks. Search the web and make some amazon money. They make great Christmas presents for others or you can use them to buy gifts for yourself. :)

How to Delete WordPress Post Spammers

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If you’re ever caught off guard by a WordPress spammer who spams your blog with some kind of script, the easiest way to get rid of all the SPAM is to do it manually. I tried a few tools on a blog that was hijacked by a groups of unscrupulous 3rd world country spammers who had somehow hijacked the registration and set it to author. Within days I had about 8,000 new authors and about 25,000 spam posts. Aye yi yi!

I started to delete the posts first and then realized they’re just posting while I’m deleting and scheduling for the future. I tried a couple plugins to delete posts and authors in bulk, but the amount of authors and posts would just make the plugin spin until it timed out. It was easiest to go the manual route:

  • Back up your database. Always.
  • Transfer all known authors to an unused role like editor or subscriber. This depends on how many you need to save that are actual users so be careful not to delete the ones you want to save.
  • Click on Users from the left menu.
  • Click on Author.
  • In the “Screen Options” tab at the top right, enter how many users to show on the screen. It will only go up to 999, which is too big for the system to handle anyway so pick around 400. I tried various numbers and 400 was the best one for me to work with.
  • Go through all the authors page by page and any that have over 500 posts that are not regular authors delete them manually.
  • Click on Delete All Posts so the posts from these authors are completely removed.
  • Click on confirm deletion.
  • Then go through the process again until all the authors with a lot of posts are gone. Now just focus on the rest and delete them in bulk in the same manner.
  • Change your password and if necessary the default registration role.

That’s it. It was really easy once I got the process down. I was going to go through the backend and do it, but this wouldn’t have deleted the posts and the author at the same time. I really think the WordPress admin menu is the fastest and cleanest way to get it done.

Always Register Your Trademark – Mine Was Stolen

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I have been using this geekmom name for a long time for online business and one day several women got together and bought the domain I had been saving up to purchase. The domain was originally parked by a private party in 2000 so I bought geekmom.net in 2001. Then geekmom.com came available in 2010. Now, you have to understand that in 2005 I wasn’t at the place I wanted to be financially. I couldn’t come up with five grand for the domain and an attorney for the trademark so they bought it and, without even checking to see if someone else had been running a business under that name, they bought it and took my original idea and ran with it. Of course, they had more people they knew in the business and a publisher at wired.com to help them move it along.

So, here I am. I won’t change my name. I had it first and I like it. My business platform still caters to geekmoms and geekdads who want to run their own online business. I had the original blog in a phpWebSite/mysql platform before WordPress and Drupal ever came out and if you check the waybackwhen machine you’ll see it has been registered to me and has gone through many different looks.

The lesson here is always get your unique name trademarked and grab every single social network you can using your name so this doesn’t happen to you. You can use a service like tradmarkia or another to get registered.

Amazon Gift Cards for Donations

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I have a friend whose sister just went through something absolutely horrible and lost everything. She has two young children and as of right now they have no extra clothes, toys, books, or a home.

I’m asking for donations for these great people through amazon gift cards. What I will do is forward the giftcard number to her so they can just choose what they need to replace what they had.

If you are interested, please send an amazon gc to therealgeekmom [at] gmail.com and in the message put “I Love Family” on the card so I know who it’s for. You can also email me for more information if needed.

Thanks :)


If we lived in industrial video games

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Get Facebook Likes By Commenting on Pages

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Getting Facebook likes is all the chatter these days as more and more people use Facebook as a form of marketing. There seems to be a new method almost every day on how to get more likes on your company Facebook page, but all it is really about is exposure.

One way to get exposure is to find articles and blogs that use Facebook as a commenting system. By using the Facebook tools, these companies have made it possible so readers can comment on their pages without starting an account on their blogs. This makes it easier for the members to leave comments.

While I’m not so sure this is a great idea for your blog as these members are not leaving important information on your site for your list efforts, it is a great way for you to promote your Facebook page. People will see your name and if it looks interesting enough to them then they will click on your name which, depending on who you are logged in as, will lead to either your personal Facebook page or your fan page. If your page is interesting enough, then it will lead to more Facebook Likes.

Places that I’ve found that use the Facebook comment system include wired.com and a few news stations scattered around the Internet. I know there are many more as I have commented on some. Just drop by a few of these places every day and leave messages using your Facebook page and you should get people clicking on your page which ultimately end up at your website.

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