Yes Size IS Everything and Does Matter

February 15, 2013 · Posted in Tablets · Comments Off on Yes Size IS Everything and Does Matter 

Just a quickie note, don’t fall victim to these advertisements for the 7″ tablets. Many of these are measuring the whole item and not just the screen. Usually the ones that do not say “screen size 7″ are selling 4.5″ screens and the unit is 7″ total. It’s really annoying.

Make sure you look for actual screen size in the specs. Don’t just assume their measurement is accurate. Check out reviews online. My cell phone is bigger than the little tiny 4″ ones. Why have both if that is the case?

I noticed a deal at Big Lots where the item said it was 7″ so I sent my son down to buy 3. I mean hey, at $50.00 each that’s a pretty good deal. I returned mine. His broke within a day and he returned his for store credit. My other son kept his but never uses it at all. They’re a waste of money if you ask me.

I want an iPad or a Droid that has a full 8″ because to me, size IS everything.