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How Much is Daycare Costing You?

Some days I find myself wondering where I would be if I didn’t work from home. I’d be driving in that 2 hour traffic to and from work again while sometimes staying really late and picking up the kids from daycare late. Of course, work...
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Realize What is Important to You and DO IT

A few years ago my son had some friends who were pretty much homeless. I allowed them to stay for awhile, but  I couldn’t for very long because the friend was 15 years older than my son and his girlfriend was a little bit younger....
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What is Your Dream?

Good morning wahms and wahds or those who want to be. I know many of you wish that you were working from home already. You have goals and dreams. You have needs and wants. How do you make these clear in your mind? You make...
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Don’t Let the Obama Economy Get You Down

Don’t Let the Obama Economy Rule Your Business That’s right, I said it. He owns it. He claimed he’d fix whatever was broken in 2008. Guess what? It’s a lot worse than what it was. In fact, we’ve been plummeting ever since.
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Success is the Sweetest Revenge

Do you have those people in your life who remind you all the time that your plans won’t work? I do. I don’t believe they truly mean any harm, they just don’t have the success bug that I have. Some of them don’t want to...
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Milton Friedman and The Myths that Conceal Reality

Milton Friedman is one of my heroes. Schools should show these videos to kids so that people can grow up believing in success. Schools should teach kids not only the 3R’s, but also success principals and small business concepts. I’m glad I went to school...
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