How Much is Daycare Costing You?

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Some days I find myself wondering where I would be if I didn’t work from home. I’d be driving in that 2 hour traffic to and from work again while sometimes staying really late and picking up the kids from daycare late. Of course, work never pays for the extra money you have to pay when you’re late picking up the kids from daycare.  I used to owe almost a quarter of what I made just on late daycare fees because I would need to keep on fixing the computers or whatever until after 5 pm not to mention the train stalls or bad traffic. Read more

My Goal With Sharing My Blogging Secrets is to Help WAHMs

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henry ford success quote


Coming Together is a Beginning

I’ve had many goals over the years. Some I’ve reached and some I’ve given up. Many were just to high to reach. This goal, however, is two-fold. On the first level I want to have a successful Internet business. Since successful is relative and some might consider what I already do as successful, I have to put this into perspective for you. Successful to me means that yes, I am a work at home mom, but I also have other financial goals I need to reach and that I’m helping other moms figure out how they can achieve their goals in their life. Read more

Realize What is Important to You and DO IT

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A few years ago my son had some friends who were pretty much homeless. I allowed them to stay for awhile, but  I couldn’t for very long because the friend was 15 years older than my son and his girlfriend was a little bit younger. We didn’t have a lot of room and I didn’t feel it was appropriate for a couple to be staying in his room.

I just returned from the boyfriend’s  funeral a few moments ago and I had to write this. After they left my home, it seems that he got into a bit of trouble and turned his life around afterward. He found a better job, went into training, and they were planning on getting married. Then just a week ago he was hit by a car on the highway while trying to flag someone down to help him out because his car had broken down. My kids were devastated. He left behind 3 kids, an ex-wife, a girlfriend and his parents not to mention many, many friends. What parent wants to bury their child? That hit home.

If you’re out there just stumbling around trying to make it and not really succeeding then you need to take a look at the big picture. You need to take notice of what is important in your life and put that big picture in front of you. Mentally make that picture bigger and bigger. What you owe your children in life is bigger than what you’ll ever be. For them, be honest and caring. Be loving and mature. Be successful in your life and realize that life doesn’t last forever. If you’re leaving someone behind then don’t leave them with something negative to say about you. Don’t leave them with bills and problems. Even if you need to change something then do it right now. Is it your weight? Your attitude? Your health? Your finances? All of the above? Make a commitment to do it for your family.

Do it now.

What is Your Dream?

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What is your dream?

Good morning wahms and wahds or those who want to be. I know many of you wish that you were working from home already. You have goals and dreams. You have needs and wants. How do you make these clear in your mind? You make them bigger than life in your mind.

Imagine if you were a work at home parent. Imagine if you could actually take the time to be with your child and enjoy helping them do whatever. Imagine if there was an emergency that you would be there right away. Imagine. What would it be like to not have to leave the house every day from 8 to 5 and push the care of your child to someone else?

It’s nice to say that you want a nice home and car because those are good things to want, but is it that or is it that you want to raise your kids in your own home. It can be with your a nanny, but you’re close by to help while you’re working.

I know. I worked an hour away from my first son while having him in day care. It was painful. The second and third I worked from home, but it was because there were no good paying jobs around and I made a life for myself. I wasn’t making as much as I wanted to, but built up my business to be able to be home and still take care of them without any kind of financial assistance.

If you have the need you will do it. It will work for you. You can do it! Just imagine it!

Don’t Let the Obama Economy Get You Down

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Don’t Let the Obama Economy Rule Your Business

That’s right, I said it. He owns it. He claimed he’d fix whatever was broken in 2008. Guess what? It’s a lot worse than what it was. In fact, we’ve been plummeting ever since. Read more

Will it be the 49ers or the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII?

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moneyWe all have our goals in life and it looks like the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens have theirs. They’ve worked hard at defeating their divisions and will now come to play against each other in Louisiana at Super Bowl XLVII. Are you working your business like the two success teams today?

As a native Californian and a previous resident of San Francisco, I want the Niners to win. Now, had they been able to play my favorite team the Redskins then it would have been a different story. Fortunately, I believe it is an impossibility for the two teams to even play against each other in the Super Bowl. Honestly, I don’t even know if they’re in the same division or not.

Yes, as you can see I’m not the biggest football fanatic. I do, however, appreciate how hard these players must work to get where they are today. All the practices and scrimmages they play add up to a really hard game no matter where they are on Super Bowl Sunday. They’ve worked the whole season at becoming Number 1 and now it’s time to show the world, or at least North America, who has worked to be the best this year. Who has passed all of the others to become the Super Bowl champions for 2012/2013.

Are you working in your business as hard as a football player works at his game? If you are then you’re practicing daily and hopefully keeping your ideas fresh and clean. You’re not falling to the bottom like the rest and complaining about how hard it is to win because you are rising to the top. You’ve been losing some and winning many because no one can stop you. Sure, sometimes you fail, but this is expected. Teams on the way to the top fall along the way and then pick right back up again because they want to be successful at winning. Just like you.

Become a hard working Super Bowl player of your business and you too can succeed. No one will be able to stop you if you work diligently, legally, and honestly. These players had a goal in mind and that was to be there on February 3, 2013. They won their mini goals along the way and didn’t let anything stop them. Do the same thing and you too will be successful in your business.

Oh, one more thing in closing…


Success is the Sweetest Revenge

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Do you have those people in your life who remind you all the time that your plans won’t work? I do. I don’t believe they truly mean any harm, they just don’t have the success bug that I have. Some of them don’t want to see me get hurt trying to reach the stars. They’ve been beaten down by the system so many times and refuse to think there is any other way.

I know differently. I’ve been successful.

I don’t mean that I’ve made millions on the Internet, but I have broken free of the employee mentality. I work for myself and I live off of the income I make. It is actually a bit amusing because no one really knows what I do. All they see is a mom who raises kids whose dad doesn’t live with them. They probably think that I’m on some government program, but I’m not. I work hard. Every penny I make with the exception of what I need to run my business goes to raising my kids. I don’t need to commute. I don’t need to put them in day care. I’m at home for them when needed.

To me, that is success. Yes, I am venturing out with my business now to make even more so that I can give them more. I would love to find a few favorite charities and give to them as well and someday I will be at that point, but for now I’m focused on succeeding and increasing my business to where we are comfortable and I can be sure that my children are financially secure. THAT is my dream in life.

While my friends are out and still working from 8 to 5 and still driving that 2 hour Bay Area commute, I’m home waking up and getting the kids ready. I’ll still be here even happier than before and the stress will be gone because I made it myself.

For those who said it wouldn’t work and so far I have proven that it does my answer is “success is the sweetest revenge.”

Milton Friedman and The Myths that Conceal Reality

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Milton Friedman is one of my heroes. Schools should show these videos to kids so that people can grow up believing in success. Schools should teach kids not only the 3R’s, but also success principals and small business concepts. I’m glad I went to school when I did. My teachers were not only success minded, but patriotic as well.