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Life without electricity

Here I sit without a computer or the Internet unable to transfer the money needed to ride BARTER to get to traffic  court. Of course hey moves it two cities away so it is no longer just a bus ride. The utility company is working...
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Mooooooo! Don’t Be One of the Herd

Source: Uploaded by user via Bonzai on Pinterest   Don’t be one of the herd. Join me and work from home :) This is what I see while driving the kids to school. I drive right over it and snicker a bit. I used to...
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To My Mom – Happy Mother’s Day

As I think back to all the years we spent together I realize that you have always been there for me. Of course, I knew this all along, but it had never really hit home until today when I called you to say Happy Mother’s...
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Order Your Food Online – Delivery or To Go

What do geekmom’s do when it’s too hot to cook? We order food online. No, it’s not what you think. We don’t always order pizza, we order Chinese, Indian, Italian, and more! I first tried foodler.com, but they didn’t have anything in my area. Then...
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