Turn Your Kids Into Entrepreneurs

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My son has the entrepreneur itch! He is a gamer, a youtuber, and of course a student. He just realized how many people make money on youtube and he is a bit excited about his new adventure that he has been conjuring up.

Now Mr. Personality has created a channel where he is going to start recording his games and giving hints and tips in gaming. I told him he needs to make it
unique, but it will still be a great training tool for him when he starts to become a serious networker. I’m a bit excited for him as I know that social networking can make you money if you have fun at what you’re doing and you are dedicated.

Do you teach your kids that entrepreneurship is the way to prosperity? I sure hope you do. While an educate IS good for their future, it is also important to teach them that owning their own business can be way more profitable than working for someone else. Of course, teach them that no matter what they need to do what works for their families in the long run and if that means taking on a job and career while building a great business then so be it. My son wants to be a Marine and a business man. I’m sure he will be great at both.

Geekmom sign language

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No matter how you say it I’ve been Geekmom for a long time blogging and marketing on the Internet. More to come when I get home.

Is It a Free Pizza Kind of Night?

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Pizza Guys just dropped off 2 large pizzas and cheesy bread to my front door. Since we order pizza a lot, my son answered and didn’t even look at the receipt. So, like the honest person I am, I called Pizza Guys and told them about it.

What did they do?

They came and got the pizza and then delivered it to the person who ordered it.

Now, if this was my pizza place I would have made a whole new pizza for the original guy and eaten the cost. Why? How safe is it to pick up a whole order from another person’s house and redeliver it?

Being the nice, honest person I am of course I’m not going to do anything to it, but you never know if someone else will. Ewww the thought of it!

Speaking of which, in one of the recent Spider-Man movies, wasn’t the woman who ordered the pizza that arrived late and Parker ended up in the closet, wasn’t that ? I always wondered. I guess I just answered my own question by opening IMDB. Silly me.

Realize What is Important to You and DO IT

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A few years ago my son had some friends who were pretty much homeless. I allowed them to stay for awhile, but  I couldn’t for very long because the friend was 15 years older than my son and his girlfriend was a little bit younger. We didn’t have a lot of room and I didn’t feel it was appropriate for a couple to be staying in his room.

I just returned from the boyfriend’s  funeral a few moments ago and I had to write this. After they left my home, it seems that he got into a bit of trouble and turned his life around afterward. He found a better job, went into training, and they were planning on getting married. Then just a week ago he was hit by a car on the highway while trying to flag someone down to help him out because his car had broken down. My kids were devastated. He left behind 3 kids, an ex-wife, a girlfriend and his parents not to mention many, many friends. What parent wants to bury their child? That hit home.

If you’re out there just stumbling around trying to make it and not really succeeding then you need to take a look at the big picture. You need to take notice of what is important in your life and put that big picture in front of you. Mentally make that picture bigger and bigger. What you owe your children in life is bigger than what you’ll ever be. For them, be honest and caring. Be loving and mature. Be successful in your life and realize that life doesn’t last forever. If you’re leaving someone behind then don’t leave them with something negative to say about you. Don’t leave them with bills and problems. Even if you need to change something then do it right now. Is it your weight? Your attitude? Your health? Your finances? All of the above? Make a commitment to do it for your family.

Do it now.

Working from Home as a Geekmom Allows Me Fun!

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Working from home as a Geekmom doing affiliate marketing and blogging, as well as helping others blog, allows me the pleasure of enjoying time with my son that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to have if I had to work 8 to 5 and commute 2 hours each way into the City. I’m a lucky Mom! Actually, luck has nothing to do with it. It’s called skill, dedication, focus, and determination.


My Son is Taking off to Fulfill His Dreams

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It is a very proud parent who sends her son off to achieve his dreams and I am doing just that. He is an extremely talented musician. He can play the cello, the bass, the guitar, the drums, and even the piano. With all those instruments he has chosen to play bass in a popular punk band named Twitch Angry. <– warning the site is a punk/metal band site and has some material not suitable for everyone. I know he’ll be a great success because he’s just an incredible musician. I was a kid in the 70s/80s so punk is what I like and my music tastes have never really changed. I guess maybe that passed down to him. My musical talent, or lack thereof, did not. He crafted his own style and can duplicate any song within minutes. He can play just about anything. Yes, I’m terrified. What mom wouldn’t be? He’s going off on tour at the end of the month. His first gig is this weekend and of course I’ll be there. I can’t wait to see him play outside of practice. What are you doing to help fulfill your child’s dreams? Are you show them the basics of life and letting them find something they really love to do and allowing them to excel? Whether or not we agree with their decisions when they grow older, we need to show them that we respect what they’re doing as long as it is legal. I hope your children find their dreams as well and may they be dreams that you support.