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Turn Your Kids Into Entrepreneurs

My son has the entrepreneur itch! He is a gamer, a youtuber, and of course a student. He just realized how many people make money on youtube and he is a bit excited about his new adventure that he has been conjuring up. Now Mr....
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Geekmom sign language

No matter how you say it I’ve been Geekmom for a long time blogging and marketing on the Internet. More to come when I get home.
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Is It a Free Pizza Kind of Night?

Pizza Guys just dropped off 2 large pizzas and cheesy bread to my front door. Since we order pizza a lot, my son answered and didn’t even look at the receipt. So, like the honest person I am, I called Pizza Guys and told them...
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Realize What is Important to You and DO IT

A few years ago my son had some friends who were pretty much homeless. I allowed them to stay for awhile, but  I couldn’t for very long because the friend was 15 years older than my son and his girlfriend was a little bit younger....
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Working from Home as a Geekmom Allows Me Fun!

Working from home as a Geekmom doing affiliate marketing and blogging, as well as helping others blog, allows me the pleasure of enjoying time with my son that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to have if I had to work 8 to 5 and commute...
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My Son is Taking off to Fulfill His Dreams

It is a very proud parent who sends her son off to achieve his dreams and I am doing just that. He is an extremely talented musician. He can play the cello, the bass, the guitar, the drums, and even the piano. With all those...
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