I Can Host Grimm Episodes on My Site?

May 18, 2012 · Posted in Entertainment · Comments Off on I Can Host Grimm Episodes on My Site? 

I don’t like baseball and tonight just infuriated me even more. I love Grimm. I adore Grimm. Yet here I am trying to find the latest and last episode of the season. I just watched last week’s tonight and realized in the middle of what should have been taping tonight that it was going to be played because of baseball. NBC come on! I don’t care that the Giants are playing the A’s. I really don’t care.

So it’s already half way in the middle of the last episode so I can’t change it. I’m patient so I wait for awhile and what happens? It’s not on Netflix. It’s not on Comcast. It is nowhere to be found. This is supposedly the one where Nick tells Julia that he’s a Grimm.

While trying to find the latest Grimm I found out that I can legally put the latest NBC recordings here? I hope this works as it will be really cool. Look below and see what happens.

My Favorite Diva Donna Summer has Passed

May 17, 2012 · Posted in Entertainment · 1 Comment 

I can close my eyes and remember. It is 1977 and we’re all at the Redwood Empire Ice Area. There is a little disco dancing stage on the side and two disco balls–one above the ice and the over about the little stage. The rink manager just finished playing something from The Little River Band and then the lights go down and the disco balls start turning around. The multi-colored stage lights all over the arena come on and suddenly you hear Donna Summer start singing “I Feel Love”.

Oh yes, those were fun times. I remember the dancing and skating. We even skated to the same music at the Star Skate roller rink and pulled all nighters. I wasn’t much of a roller skater as I preferred to fall on something I could slide on and ice skating was always more graceful than wheels.

I played that song this morning remembering how my friends and I used to play Donna Summer all the time. She was the Diva, and the best one. She was prettier than the others. She was elegant. She had class. She could sing a disco song and carry a tune the others couldn’t hit. I was sad to know that she had passed away this morning. I didn’t even know that she had cancer because she wasn’t an obnoxious blabber mouth trying to get into all the press. Like I said, she had class.

R.I.P Donna Summer. Thanks for making the disco years survivable.