Why I Like Tumblr Better than WordPress

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Why Tumblr is Better than WordPress

I will probably eat my words later once I have a few tumblr blogs banned, but I thought I would let you know why I’m liking tumblr better than WordPress.

What I like About Tumblr

It’s just easier to use. The dumbed down interface of “click on a format and insert your link” makes it a lot easier to use.

You rely on tumblr and not google for searches. I’ve had it with google. Ever since those chicks stole my name I had put my business on hold because google was not cooperating with me. Now I’m back and I’ve found tumblr to be much more forgiving when finding readers.

You can easily comment on other people’s posts and like them while getting new followers.

Did I mention is was easy? I find it is also faster than WordPress. I’m talking about the self-hosted WordPress. I don’t blog on the regular WordPress blog because of their lack of support for affiliate marketing.

It ranks high in Google. Yes it does! Both Tumblr and Blogger seem to rank high in google when you get followers. It’s a nice change since google has seemed to stop liking self-hosted WordPress blogs. Well, any WordPress blogs. I don’t see many WordPress hosted blogs up in google these days either. What’s up with that?

What Do I Not Like About Tumblr?

  • Supposedly it isn’t affiliate marketing friendly. I guess we’ll find out about this.
  • Way too much porn. I don’t have a problem with people getting their own porn, but does it have to be EVERYWHERE?
  • You can’t comment without tumbling. What if I didn’t want to tumbl something? How do you leave a comment? I guess the whole point is to tumbl.
  • Tumblr will supposedly delete your account without warning. WTF is that about? Maybe it would be better if tumblr allowed people to pay for affiliate placement blogs? It just seems like a pain to build a whole blog just to have it removed. Put an email capture on it, do something to get in contact with your customers just in case tumblr decides to go all nazi on you.

Why I Would Not Recommend Blogger or WordPress Hosted Blogs

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geekmomskeyboardBoth Blogger and WordPress are great for personal blogs or for backup blogs, but I would never put my live material on either of these blogs. The biggest reason is because both of these companies have the right to stop your blog from showing at any time. Since they own the server and the only assets you have is the content and your login, you’re pretty much screwed if they decide to take down your blog.

Both sites do take down blogs. It does happen, I’ve seen it. Last summer Blogger announced it would remove the adult sites using affiliate programs. Some people didn’t listen and their blogs were removed out from under their eyes up until this day. What’s kind of blogs are next? Name what could be offensive to someone such as politics, jokes, etc and you have a blog that will soon disappear because of politically correct or religious people. Boom! Gone.

This is one reason why I would never recommend a blog hosted by either WordPress or Blogger. Now, using WordPress as a blogging platform that is hosted on your own server is fine. Just make sure you keep up with the updates and the extra security of plugins. Blogger doesn’t have this option so you’re stuck with using it as a backup or a link building blog.

Both blogger.com and wordpress.com are great for level 3 link building sites and simple personal journaling. What I mean by level 3 are sites that give your domain relevance on the web. I don’t necessarily mean spam blogs, although some consider this blog spamming. If you have some blogs with related content on either wordpress.org or blogger.com consider putting links to your main site on these blogs. Find other sites to add your links to as well. Link to each other. Make it a free for all! But never ever put your main content on these blogs because they are destined to disappear.

Host your own blog on a service like AmeriNOC or HostGator. HostGator makes it real easy to setup and just keep it running. AmeriNOC is more for people who want a lot of power behind scripts and such, although I think HostGator does have bigger plans for VPS servers.

I use blogger blogs all the time for fun blogs. I also use it for link building. It works. Just make sure not to make your blogger or wordpress.com blog too spammy or the posts will be deleted at some point.

Link Keywords in Your Posts

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I recently noticed that the WP Keyword Link plugin is no longer working on some of my sites upgraded to at least 3.6 so I had to find a new wordpress plugin to use. I just tried Keyword to URL and it seems simple enough. It doesn’t have a lot of features like WP Keyword Link did, but I was able to get my site working in a pinch instead of searching for other available plugin options.

The only feature this plugin uses is to only link the first occurrence of the keyword and that is a global feature for all the keywords. Because of the lack of features this will be a temporary solution for me until I find another one. If you are looking for something really simple, so far I have had no problems with the plugin. As always, use at your own risk.

Why would I use a plugin like this? Because I write a lot of blog posts on a daily basis and using a keyword to url plugin makes my life a lot easier. I don’t need to worry about linking certain words and getting the information out there. I don’t need to worry about creating links on every single post and I can just blanket a bunch out there. Of course, use it wisely and not in a way that will get you flagged on search engines and don’t make your posts look spammy.

It’s School Time Again and Time to Plan Your Blogging Schedule

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plan and write your blog during school hoursToday is the registration day for the new year of school and then in 6 days the kids start school again. Am I excited? A bit. I do love spending time in the summer with them, but I also like to work and it slows down business which is why I’m writing this article.

When your kids are at school you should be taking advantage of the time off. Isn’t your goal to spend as much time as possible with your kids and that’s why you started your business? Then summer comes around and you realize that you don’t have as much time as you would like to work on your business? I’m sure we have all thought about this and by the time summer ends you’re about to pull your hair out because you haven’t done as much as you have wanted to do over the 3 months.

This year let’s change the pattern. We have about 10 months left of the year to get moving to a profitable summer.  What we need to do is plan ahead and get things done on a daily basis while the kids are at school. What can you get done during this time? Articles? Videos? MP3s? Everything? Of course! If you plan to do x amount of articles and social networking per day then you will be ready to enjoy next summer without freaking out about your business.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Last year got cut short because we had some issues  at the school and my son was home schooled at the end of the year then summer came. As you notice that is about when I stopped posting a lot of articles. That was completely my fault. I didn’t anticipate this to happen so I didn’t plan for it and my blog suffered probably a huge hit in SEO. This year I’m going to do it differently and I want you to do it with me. Let’s plan ahead and get all of our work done before school gets out. Let’s use the first 6 months of fall and winter to make the following 6 months easy to manage. All we need to do is plan ahead.

We can get done most of the posts and schedule them and unless there is a big change in the way things are done the posts will remain. We can still plan videos and do them early and then release them later on. I don’t believe youtube has a calendar release schedule, but it does have a way to somewhat hide the video until you’re ready to go public.

All you need to do is setup a calendar and enter in all of your important dates then get them done. What was that Ronco commercial with their rotisserie oven?  Set it and forget it? Something like that. It’s just like that. It will totally work for you if you work it. You just need the dedication and focus needed to get those articles out. Then, when they’re already to go set aside a few other articles for marketing your main blog articles. Save them in a folder on your hard drive with the date to be released and upload them to the ezine sites or other places you plan on marketing your work. That way it takes you a couple of seconds just to upload what you have. Use this time to write the articles and the summer just to post them if the places you post do not have a scheduling calendar. If they do then totally take advantage of the process just like you would with your blog.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to get your blog moving, but it does take dedication and consistency. Make it work for you and never ever stop because once you do then you need to pick off where you left and it’s almost like starting all over again.


Writing For New Mom Bloggers-Tips & Tricks

May 25, 2013 · Posted in Blogging · Comments Off on Writing For New Mom Bloggers-Tips & Tricks 

Mom bloggers have greatly increased in popularity over the last few years. Because parents will often seek the advice of other parents, whether it has to do with raising children or simply making the best household decisions for your family, mom bloggers can touch on a variety of subjects that will interest other moms or parents in general.

If you’re new to the mom blogging experience, there are a few tips and tricks available that will help make your new endeavor more rewarding and successful.

Know what topics you want to discuss.

Before you start, it’s important that you decide what type of topics you want to discuss on your blog. Are you going to use your blog to talk about kid-friendly recipes, kid-friendly activities, or touch on a variety of these topics? Knowing what you want to use your blog for will help you create a schedule for your posts and allow you to stay on track.

Decide on a schedule.

Creating a schedule before launching your blog is a great idea. This way, you will have your topics and schedule assembled so that you are more organized. At first, it’s always a good idea to limit yourself to one or two posts per week. This way, you’re giving yourself ample time to write, proofread and post your work. If you try to generate one post per day right at the start, you’re going to find that it’s hard to stay on track, and you may end up failing.

Have a few posts written and published before going live.

Before you go live with your blog, it’s a good idea to write and post a few blogs. This way when your site goes live, you’ll have a variety of topics on your site that your readers can enjoy. This also allows them to get the feel for your writing and your blog’s topics to determine if this is a site that could benefit them.

Spread the word.

Once you decide to go live with your blog, you need to spread the word. Send an email to your friends and family with a link to the site. Post a link to your site on your social networks and ask your friends and family members to do the same. The more you can spread the word about your blog, the more readers and interest your blog will end up getting.

Don’t do it all at once.

There is no rule that says you have to tackle all the blogging perks right away. Starting off slow allows you to not only get your feet wet and establish yourself as a blogger, but it also allows you to determine what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your own schedule. Some mom bloggers are so determined to monetize their blog right away that they tackle the writing, posting, ad selling and affiliate programs right away. Then, they realize they don’t have time to manage it all and end up giving up on their blog altogether.

Instead of running this risk, make sure you start off slow. After you’ve generated a few blogs, start testing the waters of selling ad space. Once you’ve done that successfully, you can consider joining affiliate programs or becoming a guest blogger.

Lauren Williams is a freelance writer and dedicated mother who enjoys blogging.  She is a grammar guru and always uses a grammar checker before publishing her work.

Back to Blogging Again

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I was blogging from the machine in my office, but I got tired of being cramped up in that little space all day long that I put it off for a few days. Now I’m back. Although it’s not an ideal situation, I have my little HP netbook back from my son because his girlfriend gave him a laptop for his birthday.  Who does that?

Anyway, the machine is small. Luckily, I have small hands. It is in relatively good shape for being used by a kid for at least a year considering he had already broken its screen and another netbook’s screen. At the time, this one was under a 3-year extended warranty.

Honestly, I’d rather have a MacBook Air or a large Droid with a keyboard. I’m tired of Windows.  I only want to use windows for gaming except that my Adobe suite is no on Windows and I will probably need to repurchase it if I switch. Life goes on.

The good thing is that I can blog outside just how I like to. I really enjoy going out on a cool morning and blogging as I sip a nice French roast coffee. Yum. My thoughts are best at that time. If I get up early then it’s the best time for me to test a product. If I stay up late because I went to bed late, then it’s the best time then. The worst time is like right now when the kids are home and the dogs are barking.

When is your favorite time to blog or work in your WAHM home business?

OK Now I’m Honored by a Blogging Pro

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I just found out today that Shoemoney has put my t-shirt on his free shirt Friday promo and he says that he is a reader of my site. Well, I am honored and very excited about that!

I loved the comments by the readers. According to the commenters I look like a 60’s lady who may or may not be a female. LOL Thanks guys *wink* that is wonderful of you to say. I can guarantee to you that I have been running my site since 2001 and that I am VERY female and a Mom.

Listen, the mom’s of today have been working in the Internet industry and running home businesses for awhile now. It’s time that we start getting recognized as money making home business owners just as much as the guys. I’ve been working in computers and high tech since 1986 when I started working at Broderbund Sotware. Hmm… I think it was ’86. I’m listed on a couple of the “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” 5.25 disk packets and on a few of the other games. I think I’m even on the Nintendo NES game “Dark Towers”, although I could be wrong about being on the packaging.

I’ve worked at Apple, Maxis, and a few other companies that you may not know about. I worked for the NFL’s ATI (before they did work for the NFL) and now I’m a home business owner. So yeah, I’ve been a geek for quite some time and a Mom since 1990.

I’m not artificial vanilla flavor. I am the original Geekmom.

Thanks Jeremy :)

What Have You Learned this Week About Internet Marketing?

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Another week has passed and you’re still thinking about what you’re going to do for your Internet Marketing company. Are you still stuck on the products you’re going to release or how you’re going to get the word out? Because if you are, then I know of a great company that can help you out.

You see, the problem most people have is where to get started. Many are stuck on the way to get started even after they’ve watched video after video and read countless amounts of information. Do you want to know the easiest way to get started? Just do it! It doesn’t take much money at all. In fact, the MLSP program you can get for 3 days for just a few dollars and then the starter account for a little less than $20 per month. That should get you started on learning how to get leads.

Now, MLSP will teach you a lot about getting leads through social networking and email marketing, but if you want to figure out how to build a great blog with more information than I can ever bring you then check out IMJohnChow. I have a lot of great information about plugins, motivation, etc, but he is the blogging king and will show you how to how to build that blog from the ground up.

You can do it if you just put your mind to it! If you want to be a wahm and work from home then you need to get started now.

All the Crap I Learned About Tech Writing I Threw Out the Window

April 2, 2013 · Posted in Blogging · Comments Off on All the Crap I Learned About Tech Writing I Threw Out the Window 

I used to be a tech writer for a Fortune 500 company where I wrote employee training manuals and site-licensed software reference guides. The job was fun and the company was great, but the writing was dry and a bit too professional. I enjoy writing in my blog now much better. Read more

Using Contact Form 7 to Allow Users to Communicate With You

April 1, 2013 · Posted in Blogging, Plugins · Comments Off on Using Contact Form 7 to Allow Users to Communicate With You 

If you run a blog then you’re going to want to find a way for people to contact you. There are several ways to do this and one of the easiest is by installing the plugin Contact Form 7. This plugin is very easy to install and although it might seem a bit intimidating at first, it is also easy to configure. Read more

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