Why I Like Tumblr Better than WordPress

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Why Tumblr is Better than WordPress

I will probably eat my words later once I have a few tumblr blogs banned, but I thought I would let you know why I’m liking tumblr better than WordPress.

What I like About Tumblr

It’s just easier to use. The dumbed down interface of “click on a format and insert your link” makes it a lot easier to use.

You rely on tumblr and not google for searches. I’ve had it with google. Ever since those chicks stole my name I had put my business on hold because google was not cooperating with me. Now I’m back and I’ve found tumblr to be much more forgiving when finding readers.

You can easily comment on other people’s posts and like them while getting new followers.

Did I mention is was easy? I find it is also faster than WordPress. I’m talking about the self-hosted WordPress. I don’t blog on the regular WordPress blog because of their lack of support for affiliate marketing.

It ranks high in Google. Yes it does! Both Tumblr and Blogger seem to rank high in google when you get followers. It’s a nice change since google has seemed to stop liking self-hosted WordPress blogs. Well, any WordPress blogs. I don’t see many WordPress hosted blogs up in google these days either. What’s up with that?

What Do I Not Like About Tumblr?

  • Supposedly it isn’t affiliate marketing friendly. I guess we’ll find out about this.
  • Way too much porn. I don’t have a problem with people getting their own porn, but does it have to be EVERYWHERE?
  • You can’t comment without tumbling. What if I didn’t want to tumbl something? How do you leave a comment? I guess the whole point is to tumbl.
  • Tumblr will supposedly delete your account without warning. WTF is that about? Maybe it would be better if tumblr allowed people to pay for affiliate placement blogs? It just seems like a pain to build a whole blog just to have it removed. Put an email capture on it, do something to get in contact with your customers just in case tumblr decides to go all nazi on you.

Swagbucks Now Pays 10% for Life

July 20, 2014 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Swagbucks Now Pays 10% for Life 

It used to be that you only received a small portion of your referrals swagbucks, but for those familiar with swagbucks you will be happy to know they have changed it so the affiliate receives 10% for life. I don’t know if this is for only new signups or of if it is with all of your signups.

For those who do not know what swagbucks is, it is a program where you get rewards for doing tasks such as watching movies, rating sites and videos, and even doing web searches. You can trade your earnings called swagbucks in for giftcards from places like starbucks and amazon.com.

Click on swagbucks for more info.

Can You Be Fined for Email Messages?

January 26, 2014 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Can You Be Fined for Email Messages? 

I want to talk to you today about your mailing list. If you are in the business of affiliate marketing and blogging, and I’m assuming you are because you are interested in this information, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order for your email to not become illegal.

Yes, I said ILLEGAL. In 2003 Congress passed the CAN-SPAM Act. This law regulates all commercial email messages whether they be affiliate marketing, products for sale, or even porn.

If you do not follow the laws the Federal Trade Commission can fine you up to $16,000 for EACH email message that does not follow the rules. If you send a lot of mail this can become quite costly.

  • Your Email headers, domain names, and subject lines must not be deceptive. For example, sending a message that sounds like you’re sending it to a friend in hopes this person will open your link is illegal. Make sure everything is accurate.
  • Disclose and clearly state how recipients can opt-out or unsubscribe from your message.You must disclose if your message is an advertisement.
  • You must include a valid postal address in the mail body.
  • Honor the unsubscribe requests within 10 business days.
  • Make sure your 3rd party service such as AWeber or GetResponse follow the rules as well.

Talk about it on Google+

Email Marketing $19/Month!

Easily Add Readers to a Mail List from Within Your Blog Posts

March 19, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, email marketing · Comments Off on Easily Add Readers to a Mail List from Within Your Blog Posts 

There are many different ways of marketing your blog and articles on the Internet that will bring in subscribers to your site, but how do you create a list of optin readers who will become loyal fans and customers? The answer is easy, you install the free Optin Form Adder plugin created by MaxBlogPress.

This free tool gives you several different options to place forms on your site so that readers will signup for your mail list. You can place the tool on the sidebar of your blog or strategically at the top or bottom of posts. For a free product, I was impressed with all the formatting and placement options available to me. I can change the color of the form, button, and fields to match the branding of my blog. I can also change the text on the form or add links for readers to click on.

In order for the tool to work you must use a mail list service provider such as aweber or getresponse. I personally use and love aweber, but it is compatible with other maillist platforms. Once the reader fills in the form, their information is sent to your subscriber list and then stored there so you can send important information to the readers at any time. Since products such as aweber create optin mail lists, your reader can opt out at any time. This is a great benefit over using the free mail tools available to you for your actual blog members because these tools are not quite meant for mail list subscriptions. Plus, having a mail list sent from a respectable company such as aweber, you can be sure that your domain will not be flagged for spam as it could be if you sent messages to all of your site members all of the time.

Watch the video below to learn how to use this optin mail list tool. It could very well help you create a huge following of readers that can propel your WAHM business or blogs to the top of the line on the Internet. If you are looking for a more robust system with a lot more features including automatically filling out forms, then check out MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet instead.

Don’t Miss this Webinar on How to Make Money With Webinars

March 18, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Don’t Miss this Webinar on How to Make Money With Webinars 

MLSP is the industry’s powerhouse when it comes to generic, attraction marketing training for entrepreneurs.

They’ve built a multi-million dollar company in just a few years, and it has been just awesome to help create some of the biggest and best network marketers and businesses on the Internet today!
Do you want the secret MLSP has been using over the years to generate a huge business and attract so many happy online marketers? Do you?

Co-founder Brian Fanale has more than likely has the most hosted webinars to date than any other leader in online marketing. The company has held them consistently for 5 years straight bringing in more and more people each time… And Fanale has been a part of more revenue producing SALES on webinars than most leaders outside of MLSP combined.

And it’s safe to say that he’s figured out a few things about Webinars that work… and a few things that don’t. This week he is going to give you what he has learned over the years about what works and what doesn’t in marketing using your own webinars.

*** Fanale has hosted webinars where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS was sold in the span of ONE HOUR…

And you can learn the principals of how you can do the same thing.
There is a successful webinar “recipe” Fanale has religiously been following for years… and this Wed at 9 PM EST he’s going to give you ALL the ingredients. THIS WILL 100% RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOU NEED TO BE ON THE WEBINAR THIS WED, MARCH 20TH AT 9 PM EST. Register Here:


Just a snippet of what you’re going to experience this Wednesday LIVE from our MLSP co-founder…

* The #1 DEADLY MISTAKE 99% of marketers make in promoting their webinar AND hosting their webinar that results in ZERO sales and leaves them broke. (how you can and MUST avoid this pitfall)

* The inner-workings of the #1 most solid foundation and cornerstone of the MLSP business – WEBINARS that SELL (you’ll get his entire webinar blueprint for F*R*E*E)

* Fanale’s Simple Webinar Formula that helped build the MLSP empire and create millionaires… it’s a simple step-by-step and paint-by-numbers process)

* How to scientifically structure a webinar to print cash for your biz every time

* From start to finish how to effectively host webinars so that they become a brand new income stream for your biz that you can consistently count on so that you can finally fire your boss

* I’ve NEVER revealed this formula before, and if you apply it to your business you will get results… just look at MLSP’s track record ESPECIALLY when it comes to sales on webinars!

WARNING: SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IS HAPPENING LIVE THIS WEDNESDAY! Fanale and his elite underground team have been hard at work in the lab over the last 6 months creating something that we’ll be showing you at the end of this Wednesday’s webinar. It’s TOP secret, and it’s a marketer’s dream. It goes hand in hand with this Wednesday’s webinar training. I promise you, this WEBINAR STUFF is your ticket out of the rat race, and Fanale’s going to prove it to you this Wednesday at 9 PM EST!

Why I Left the Empower Network

March 15, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Why I Left the Empower Network 

I’m going to say something a little controversial here to a lot of people who have made a lot of money, but I have to do it. You see, I joined the Empower Network back in January thinking that maybe there is something to the Empower Network and I had to see what was in it. There are a lot of people making quite a bit of money in this and I needed to see why.

So I signed up without prejudice and decided to give it a try. At first they make it sound like a cheap blogging platform where you can spend approximately $25.00 on a hosted wordpress blog. Yes, that seems a bit expensive when I can get hosting for almost nothing. I also coughed at the monthly $19 merchant fee, but still kept on going.

Now, I’m the kind of person who has no problem with upsales and either an online or a traditional network marketing company, but I did notice that in order for me to sell the training packages to anyone that I needed to own them myself. Really? I can’t just resell the packages as an affiliate or blogger and still get credit? I’m not an attorney, but this doesn’t sound legal. Perhaps it is because I could still sign up as a blogger and a reseller. I don’t know, it doesn’t matter now because the upsells of products at $500 per month or more wasn’t what bothered me the most.

What I don’t like is that I couldn’t place my links on Pinterest or Facebook. Ouch! See, I wasn’t going to spam crappy how-to-get-rich schemes on my blog, I was going to put success stories on the blog and then hope someone decides to click on the affiliate link. Unfortunately, because so many people were spamming that I didn’t even get that far. I was too afraid to post the links on twitter because my social networking accounts are worth way more than any blogging platform that could be found illegal or die out in a few years.

What bothered me the most is duplicate content. You see, as a blogger and a writer as well as someone who wants all of her posts to end up on the first page of google, duplicate content scares me a bit. If a whole domain has a lot of honest people trying for spot Number One and one bad person comes along and simply copies and pastes the work of someone else no matter if it is legal PLR or illegally copied text then everyone suffers. With a network of thousands I’m sure there is going to be more than one bad apple out there.

What’s even worse is plagiarism. See, PLR means private label rights and people have the right to either post the article in whole or change it a bit. Today while testing to see if there are a lot of PLR content articles on the network I searched Google first for “empower network” and found some of the top articles. I took a few keywords and searched without empower and found no sites. I then added empower and found an article that looked interested as it was one of the first page articles. I quoted the whole sentence from the article and came up with 885 results of the same or close article and at least two of those articles looking as if they were the legit author because these are very legit sites (frightening though because it looks as though the “columnist” copied it.) And not only that, I found that at least 8 people on the Empower Network had used the same exact title and article all around the same time.

The article was used so many times that most of the 885 results were filtered down to 3 pages of what Google even bothered to show me. NONE of those pages included the empower link. In fact, the only way to see the Empower article was if I added Empower to the search.


Now, why would this bother me if I could still recruit a bunch of people who want to do the same thing? Because I think it’s dishonest. You are telling people they can have a blog that makes money about any topic they want as long as they write about whatever and keep writing daily. What you’re not saying is that Google will possible penalize the whole domain for bad content and that you can’t possibly share your links outright so you have to hide your domain name using a bit of black hat SEO.

I find this sneaky. I would like to think that most people on the network are very honest and don’t even realize why this is unless it’s in the training that I refused to buy because of the cost. In any case, I don’t have a problem with network marketing but I do have a problem when sneaky antics that can mislead people and get pages or domains banned.

Working from Home While Building Your Business

March 8, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Working from Home While Building Your Business 

So you want to work from home while building your blog? You could start your own pay-per-minute call business giving out business support, tech support or even…phone sex.

There are a few companies that will allow you to do this which include billpercall.com or myphonesite.com. You can set up a psychic company or a tech support company. You could give relationship advice or talk about nasty stuff. It’s pretty much open to what you want to do.

I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job to do this. It takes time to build up a client list. If you have a special profession such as an attorney or psychiatrist, you could probably bill per call instead of taking office appointments. These are just ideas.

An Almost Free Trial to Learn How to Get Leads

March 7, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on An Almost Free Trial to Learn How to Get Leads 

Yes, I said almost free. If you are looking for leads for your business and you just keep coming up dry, then try the MLSP system. For just $2.00 for 3 days, you can take their basic training on how to get leads. There’s training for facebook, email, etc. You can use these leads to grow your business and even make more money on MLSP if you wanted to.

I’m trying it out for the next three days. So far I’ve had some great leads yet I’m not sure which of my businesses to market with. If this system can bring in leads for just getting leads, imagine what it’s like when I choose which system I start using!

To give this a fair review, I’m going to do another at the end of 3 days and tell you what has happened. So far I’ve been able to attend a webinar on how it works and do some of the training in the program. I’ve had to stop because of a meeting at my son’s school, but I will continue when I get back.

Imagine being able to just drop what you’re doing and go to a meeting at your son’s school without begging a boss to let you go! What a concept. I can be there for my kids whenever I need to be because of my work at home business. You can too. Join me on learning how to get better leads with My Lead System Pro and let’s rock this thing! We’re WAHMs, if we can work at home with our kids there then you know we can do anything!

Advertising with CashBlurbs

March 5, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Advertising with CashBlurbs 

I was looking for something that would work for more advertising and I came across cashblurbs. This is a system where you copy another member’s link to your facebook or twitter and then you get to post your own little advertisement. The next person comes along and posts your advertisement to their faceobok or twitter and other people see their advertisement. on the cashblurbs advertising list and it just keeps on going. Read more

Do You Want Me to Check Out Your Affiliate Marketing Program?

March 3, 2013 · Posted in Affiliate Marketing · Comments Off on Do You Want Me to Check Out Your Affiliate Marketing Program? 

Do you want me to check out your affiliate program? I can’t promise that I will join every program out there, but I will check it out and give you a candid idea of what I think about it and report it to my mail list. Some I try, some I don’t. It all depends on if it looks legal, profitable, and not yet saturated. I haven’t decided whether or not to tell you about it on this blog. This blog is special to me. I don’t want some crappy system screwing me over if I pick a wrong choice and put it’s affiliate code here then find out later I’ve been banned from facebook and google because of an over saturated and over spammed domain.

Don’t expect my review to happen over night. Join my mail list and wait to see if I’ve reviewed it.

I do have specific criteria:

  • It has to be marketed on the Internet. So no programs that forbid you to do that.
  • It has to be an honest system.
  • It needs to be a legal system. No pyramid schemes. No illegal content. No illegal products.
  • It needs to be something parents can be proud to tell their kids about. LOL No MLM porn sites please.
  • It has to have a great product. Some products are a dime a dozen. Let’s think unique here.
  • It has to be able to make a nice chunk of money yet it doesn’t have to be huge. I like the idea of some of the penny matrices. I like the idea of some of the big packages. Most people don’t have enough money for the big packages so I don’t invest all of my time and money into some the $5,000 per month training systems. Why? Because they’re getting saturated now. You can still send me the info and I will write my opinion on it, but don’t expect me to jump because you promise me millions.
  • Follow me on twitter, facebook, and join my mailing list.

So take a chance and send me your money making program. Tell me how much you’re making and when you got started. Don’t lie. I can see right through the bull crap right away. If you’re just starting out and haven’t made anything then tell me this and why you’re doing it.

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