New 30-Day Blogging Challenge Startup

July 22, 2014 · Posted in 30 Day Challenge · Comments Off 

I’m doing it again! If you are interested in setting a blog and social networking system as a marketing tool for your product then please do join my 30-day challenge. This free training is designed to help you achieve your online training goals without becoming a Facebook spammer and annoying your closest friends.

Sign up for the challenge and get started right away. Whether you run a simple marketing blog for an affiliate program, you have a brick and mortar business, or you are starting a new network marketing campaign, this challenge is for you. It will help you learn about keeping your blog from getting flagged and keeping your social networking accounts safe from removal.

All training messages are sent to your email for 30 days while your website and business gain momentum. If you have any questions about the 30-Day Challenge, please ask them here on the blog so we can all answer and others can get assistance with the same questions if needed.

Good luck and most of all HAVE FUN!