If You Are Too Broke for a Domain and Hosting Try Free Web Hosting

Are you too broke for a domain and web hosting? You don’t even have $13.00 for a domain name? Because if you do then I know where you can get free web hosting and you still control your data.

If you don’t have $13.00 for your domain name, then you can get free webhosting from a site called Tumblr. Normally I would use Tumblr as a supporting site to my domains, but for some where a mere $5 to $10 per month is too expensive then Tumblr might be a place to start out.

What I like about Tumblr is that it does, or at least used to, rank high on Google. I’m going to be honest though, I haven’t seen a Tumblr article on the first page of Google for quite some time and that might because most people don’t use it as a blog but as a picture source.

I also like the fact that Tumblr is easy for people to find you through its system. It has a unique way of its own ranking where people search Tumblr for keywords and if your Tumblr site is popular enough it will appear on the list. To increase the popularity of a site people searching will either Like your post or reblog it for you making your affiliate links very accessible to others.

There are two very major issues with Tumblr. One is the amount of porn. I’m not prude. I think that consenting adults should be able to watch whatever legal material they want to, but Tumblr is full of porn and it is easily connected with your Tumblr account if the right people click on it. I guess if you’re selling porn or adult toys then this is a good thing, but if you’re selling business materials it could be frowned upon.

The main reason why I would not use Tumblr is because they can just remove your Tumblr for any reason that possibly goes against their Terms of Service (TOS) without notice. I know people who have had their sites ripped away from them after they’ve collected hundreds of thousands of followers for the silliest little thing. And getting your site back? Is next to impossible.

So what is Tumblr good for? A back up system if you don’t mind the stigma of possibly having an adult tumblr site Like or “tumble” your Tumblr page. It provides high ranking social networking links to your page if your content can rank and you can get a lot of followers. You can point a domain to Tumblr if you really want to, and I will have a blog post and YouTube video on how to do this soon, but I would rather go with this free hosting system where you can upgrade when your site is performing better and you are ready to expand and where you have more control of your content. All you need is a domain name.


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