Can You Run an Autoresponder From Your Blog?

If you’re already using Aweber or GetResponse then you’re probably not aware there is a free autoresponder available for your blog. Today I had the opportunity to see the ARGWA Free Autoresponder in action and I was pretty impressed with the capabilities.

ARGWA is easy to install and setup. It’s a plugin for WordPress so all you really need to do is to use the plugin installer and then setup the software. It took me about 10 minutes to set it up and test it.

There is a free version and a retail version. At the time of this writing, the price of the retail version was $67.00. Obviously, the retail version has more features than the free version that I haven’t been able to check out and the retail version does not include the “power by ARGWA Free Autoresponder” on your list sign up form.

The pros of owning your own email autoresponder is that no one can take away your email list. I learned the hard way. I absolutely love Aweber, however, if you have an emergency and your can’t make your payment then Aweber will remove your list completely and you will be forced to make a new account. In the beginning I didn’t have a lot of cash to run my site yet I was able to sign up a lot of people. LIST GONE.

The bad part about owning your own autoresponder is that you have the potential of getting your domain and/or IP blacklisted if you send out too much email. Also, if your database gets corrupted you could lose that list so back it up daily. Using a source like feedburner is okay for collecting emails, but there is really no automation with feedburner unless you make some special blog and incorporate an rss feed with the blog. It sounds like more of a hassle because the blog is out there on the Internet for everyone to see. Feedburner also has the capability of removing all your emails without your permission and backing it up can be somewhat of a hassle.

By installing and using ARGWA, you can keep your own list and use it as an autoresponder that is not seen by the public website. It has an option to join the list on the blog sign up page so your members can easily optin without having to get the RSS feed as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see an affiliate program like Aweber uses. It would be nice to be able to resell ARGWA to my potential clients like I can with Aweber or GetReponse. Perhaps the developer of ARGWA could make the product available through ClickBank as well as PayPal so Internet Marketers can make a small cut. 🙂

With those issues aside, I give ARGWA very high marks. I’ve been impressed with it on other blogs that I run and I might be installing it here soon if the $67 is a site license and not a 1 domain license. I’ll keep you updated and I will have a demo soon.

Massive Leads with Facebook Groups

One way to market and get massive leads from facebook friends is to add them to groups. You can have an informational group about your product that isn’t too spammy and add your friends to it. They can always opt out if they don’t want to be a member of the group.

Make it a how-to group or make it do something you know they would be interested in. Don’t do it more than once. Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t seem to tell you if they quit the group so keep track of who you invite. It might be easier to just invite all your friends and then once you’ve exhausted that list just move on and invite new friends as you use your attraction marketing skills to get to know them.

An even better idea is to ASK if they want to be added to the group and make it optional. This is a good way to keep facebook from removing your group from SPAM. It might not grow as fast, but at least it will still be there in a year while you are still marketing. Simply send a message and a link to your group asking them to join. Many people appreciate that better than just being added.

Never just spam.

Add more than just spammy posts to the group. Post topics that are related, but not directly, to the product you are promoting. For example, if you have a makeup group then post makeup tips. These don’t have to be tips using your products, but you can always say later “use this product to create this effect.” People might think it’s a great idea to then buy the product.

I heard a story the other day where someone, a new friend, sent a message to a guy and when the guy refused the “friend” started belittling him for not joining him in business. This is NO WAY to conduct business. So what, someone doesn’t want to join you because of this or that–it’s his decision so respect it, but don’t use it against him. One day the same person might change his mind as you become more successful.

Be sure to check out the free facebook training offered on this page for gaining daily business leads.

How to Run Instagram on Your PC

How many times have you found yourself uploading photos to Google Drive or to your cell phone so you can share them with Instagram? Isn’t it a royal pain? I love using Instagram with cell phone pics, but I’m also into sharing images that I create or have saved on my pc. Uploading them to the phone is kind of a pain for me so I had to find a workaround.

I tried the emulator with Pokimenu, but it didn’t allow me to run a real Instagram session. I had to run it through a different app and I couldn’t upload or take pics with this app.

I then tried Bluestacks. This is totally amazing. It doesn’t seem to have a huge memory footprint and I haven’t crashed because of Bluestacks as of yet. I am able to actually run Instagram and upload photos from my machine.

I couldn’t get it to upload and publish pics from the webcam. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps the photo is just to big for Instagram to process? Also, when doing a video session on cam, the sound was distorted and also never completed the upload.

I think I will just probably use it to upload images I have modified through Fireworks or immediate uploads from social sites while working on the PC. I will continue to use my phone for images and videos of all the fun activities in my life.

If you try and it and you are able to figure out why it doesn’t upload the webcam pics and vidz then please comment here. I think it is just because of the file or pixel size.

Why Use Hashtags for Marketing on Social Media?

First, I’m going to answer the most commonly asked question by marketers who aren’t familiar with social networking. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the UNIX hash symbol or more commonly known to others as the phone pound sign. The hashtag is used on certain social media for finding like phrases and/or words so people can easily find others with the same interests. The hashtag has become so popular that people also use it in phrases where it will never be used in social media and some people have even started to use it in normal sentences while speaking. Continue reading “Why Use Hashtags for Marketing on Social Media?”

Linking to Specific Time Frames on YouTube

Did you know that you can link to certain parts of a YouTube video where watchers can click and jump to any part of the video you specify? It’s not hard at all and makes it easier for your users to navigate through your video by adding a set of bookmarks or links in the description or anywhere you want to link your video. First, you need to watch your own video and make a note of the time to mark where to start. Then, make a link to the video and add the following syntax to the end of the link:  #t=02m21s where  #t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds. Continue reading “Linking to Specific Time Frames on YouTube”

Uploading the Backups on Geekmom

If you’ve noticed a bit of activity on the geekmom site you will see that I’ve been uploading all of the old backups that I have. This is a huge project and will take a bit of time–at least a few days, please hang in there and do not unsubscribe, it will subside soon.

I had a server crash and I’m just trying to get it all back online. While I had a backup of the blog, the datafile was corrupted and so was the database, but I do have backups. I have to do it the hard way haha on me I suppose. If you find weird links it is because I had to get a post from the web archive and I haven’t gotten around to updating the link or I might not ever update it due to a site no longer available.

This should be a good lesson for all of us: make a backup and backup the backup.

Enjoy your evening!