Save 30% to 50% On Your Fruits and Veggies

I love to save money and time while I’m blogging. When I first started working from home I tried to save money on everything so I could afford the cost of hosting and everything else. I enjoyed getting my stuff delivered instead of driving off to buy it because then it saved me time while I tried to build business.

That is why I joined Imperfect Produce. What I get with ordering fruit and veggies from this company is a 30% to 50% discount on ordering fruits and veggies. I also get to laugh when I see deformed produce. I mean, not all of it deformed. It’s not old, moldy or anything gross like that, but it might have a piece growing in a weird direction or a different color or there might not be anything wrong with it at all because it was just a part of the over production that probably would have gone to waste instead of being on the grocery store shelf.

The box I order is all organic, but you do get a choice. You also have a choice of size and frequency which means for 1 person every two weeks might be perfect or for my family of 3 very healthy and large boys (men) then once per week makes more sense. Not that all of them eat veggies, but hey at least I try, right?

The company will first try to buy local and then if local is not in season or available they will expand in other areas. I love this idea because I really enjoy supporting our local farmers, I just don’t have time to visit the Farmer’s Market every week nor is it on all year round. I’m very happy to support local produce and help our California economy.

If you use this link to order your first product then you should get $10 off your first order. I will also get $10 off one of my next orders. Then you can show your friends and offer them the same deal. It’s so cool! I don’t know how long the offer lasts so make sure to do it soon.

Oh, and another thing, if you are on a serious budget and you normally collect food stamps they have a discount for you. I don’t know all of the details because I don’t use it, but since they cannot take foodstamps or SNAP online due to restrictions they have a system to honor your purchase. I don’t know how that all works so please check their website for details.

Why am I mentioning this here? Because if you are starting an online business then you are going to need some time and money. This saves you both!

Make Money Online for Free!

Broke? Don’t have a lot of money after the Christmas holiday but you would like to save money for next year and possibly have a profitable online business and start it now?

Here is an idea you can run with. I’ve done it before with pretty good results. You can get a free page and use it as an affiliate marketing site. It’s really simple:

  • Start a tumblr account.
  • Find an appropriate topic.
  • Create a free mail list on MailChimp
  • Create an affiliate account somewhere like
  • Create a tumblr site (you can create more than one with one account)
  • Write a bunch of articles and schedule them on your new tumblr site for every few days so there are 2 per week.
  • Add links to your affiliate site within the text of your verbage.
  • Add your mail list to your tumblr site.
  • Start following people on tumblr and commenting on their related topics.
  • Tumbl some other topics from other people with a note about your stuff. Don’t make it spammy.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Create a YouTube account and release videos related to your topic.
  • Share those on social networks.
  • And that’s it! It is pretty easy once you start a few blogs.

I’m going to be quite honest with you, it is better to get your own domain name and buy your own web hosting. A domain name is only about $12.00 per year and the web hosting starts around $3.95 per month. The affiliate marketing is free as is the social networking and YouTube.

The pros of creating a tumblr site is the obvious: It is free. It is also easy to get a tumblr page popular on tumblr if it catches on. Tumblr posts used to post easily on google, but I haven’t seen a lot of articles lately from tumblr post high on google. It is also nice that you will have a mix of pictures from others and verbage of your own.

The biggest problem with creating a tumblr site is that tumblr can take it down at any time. Save your prose if you blog using tumblr. They used to not be friendly to affiliate marketing, but since Yahoo! bought them they have become a bit friendlier.

Just don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Know what I mean?



This Video Service Will Be Shutting Down on December 15, 2017

I’m so bummed. I really liked I liked it as an alternative to youtube or another place to market my business. Unfortunately, it will be shuting down on December 15, 2017.

I started using vidme because of the censorship on YouTube then I realized that I could continue to use it even if YouTube stopped censoring certain types of businesses. I could use Vimeo, but they don’t like videos that seem spammy. There are other sites, but youtube and vidme are the biggest and the best.

I’m not happy about this at all. I think what had happened, and this that when youtube started censoring people there were so many who joined vidme they weren’t big enough for the expansion. Of course, that is just speculation and I could be completely wrong.

Either way, I am going to just be using these services to promote my sites because you never know when something is just going to go POOF! or even just censor your data.