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The other day I was playing around with Pinterest and thought about how nice it would be to add a watermark from my cell phone pics. After searching the Android Google Play app store, I ended up trying Add Watermark Free.

This was really, really cool. It was simple to install using the store and a big frustrating to use at first because I was hoping it would just watermark any images I upload because I wanted to be lazy. Instead, I have to open the app and then open the image within the app and watermark it. I couldn’t use my typical geekmom font Cherry Liny because it’s not installed on my phone and I don’t believe I can use my image watermark with the free version.

After watermarking an image I used my Pinterest app to post the picture of my Subway Italian BMT sandwhich to Pinterest where it then posted to facebook and twitter.

Totally wicked.

I’m all about viral networking and this makes it so much easier than downloading a photo to the computer and editing a watermark with Adobe Fireworks then uploading it up again. I’m also glad it doesn’t watermark automatically because I know there are some photos that I won’t want watermarked, but you can take a pic from the Add Watermark Free app. I still can’t upload it to Pinterest or any other social networks directly from the Add Watermark free app that I can see, but I can save it then open my Gallery then post it.

How cool is that?

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