Add a Twitter Widget to a Blog or Straight HTML

Add a Twitter Widget to a Blog or Straight HTML

Add a Twitter Widget to a Blog or Straight HTMLYou can easily add widgets from twitter to your html or wordpress blog without a lot of programming or plugins. It’s easy, just login to your twitter account and click on settings. Next, in the menu select widgets and then “create new” and add the information you would like to share. After clicking on “create widget” a field with the code will appear. Copy the content of this field then add it to your blog as a text widget or to any html. Now people can follow you and see what your tweets are about or any tweets with a hashtag that you would like them to follow.

Neat? I think it is.

Did You Make Your New Year Resolutions About Business?

So many of us make new year resolutions about our lives that we forget about our small businesses. The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect what you did right or wrong in your business and try to do better the next year. The SBC for Canada About page talks about how important it is to drop old habit and begin new ones that work in their New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Success article.

If you continue to do what isn’t working then you will continue to fail. There isn’t a magic fairy who flies around tagging small businesses and giving them luck. Successful businesses adapt or redo their business and marketing plans to do what works for them. If you do not learn from history then history will repeat itself and you will not make more money.

Reviewing your business plan will stop all of this from happening. When you refresh your memory of what your original goal was in the first place and rework your steps to meet that goal knowing what worked and what didn’t the year before, then you can continue on your path to success in 2014.