You Still Need Social Networking Friends

A lot of people are confused about social networking and how to treat their contacts. If you think about it, why would people visit your site just to buy products? Simply sending product information to people through twitter or mail lists doesn’t make a good marketing plan. I’ve seen it happen and all it did was make me want to remove the person from my friend list.

Take a good hard look at what the name of your friends list is. That’s right, it says friends. So how do you make a friend out of a person you don’t even know at all? You do it by personalizing yourself. Make your brand a friendly brand. Make people get to know you by being open about who you are.

If you thought about who you are will turn people off from your niche then maybe you’re in the wrong one. For example, I’m a very political person and many of the people who think the same as I do love to make money. These two niche blogs go hand-in-hand so I blog about some politics on the blog. My thought is that I will attract others who think the same as I do and the people who don’t, well that’s okay because they might even think what I say is funny. I never flat out call names out to the people I disagree with because I do value their opinions even if it is different. Plus, if I did call them names then they might never come back.

An example? I make a joke on twitter about dating and voting. A few people came around and said how the joke was funny yet we would never last as a couple because of their political standing. They did end up visiting my site and still subscribe to my tweets.

Let your readers know who you are. Be honest and tell them why you like what you are selling. Don’t be shy about it. It will make them want to come back again.