My Favorite Diva Donna Summer has Passed

I can close my eyes and remember. It is 1977 and we’re all at the Redwood Empire Ice Area. There is a little disco dancing stage on the side and two disco balls–one above the ice and the over about the little stage. The rink manager just finished playing something from The Little River Band and then the lights go down and the disco balls start turning around. The multi-colored stage lights all over the arena come on and suddenly you hear Donna Summer start singing “I Feel Love”.

Oh yes, those were fun times. I remember the dancing and skating. We even skated to the same music at the Star Skate roller rink and pulled all nighters. I wasn’t much of a roller skater as I preferred to fall on something I could slide on and ice skating was always more graceful than wheels.

I played that song this morning remembering how my friends and I used to play Donna Summer all the time. She was the Diva, and the best one. She was prettier than the others. She was elegant. She had class. She could sing a disco song and carry a tune the others couldn’t hit. I was sad to know that she had passed away this morning. I didn’t even know that she had cancer because she wasn’t an obnoxious blabber mouth trying to get into all the press. Like I said, she had class.

R.I.P Donna Summer. Thanks for making the disco years survivable.

Easy Advertising for Your Blog with MaxBannerAds

Are you tired of keeping track of advertising on your blog and hard coding all those banner ads? I was too and I went on a search for something better. I found the answer at Max Blog Press with their Max Banner Ads product.

Installation was very easy. All I had to do was download the package and use the WordPress installer. Setup was pretty self explanatory. Unlike most plugins where you find the settings in the Settings tab, Max Banner Ads is found in the Tools menu. I setup my first 125×125 button with no problem at all. One of my favorite features with Max Banner Ads is being able to put code from affiliate such as LinkShare and have the plugin convert it to their format that was nice.

Ads can easily be placed in widget areas or at the top or bottom and within pages. Unfortunately, my template doesn’t have a widget area where I want to put the ads so I have to either configure the code to do so or add the Tag for hard code. I didn’t have time to change the theme code so I just hard coded it into the sidebar.php file using the “Tag” feature. As of right now, this isn’t working properly because it isn’t rotating. Other than that issue, the code is working fine.

I can now see how many impressions are shown of each advertisement and how many clicks each one gets which means I can sell banner space to people and stop it depending on the amount of clicks/impressions and tell my customer how many times the user clicked or how many times the banner was shown. What would be really nice to have that I didn’t see available, is a way to stop impressions and clicks based on a number given or a date.

If I can figure out how to fix my banner ad rotation problem, I’m going to keep using the Max Banner Ads plugin as it is an easy way for me to keep track. I do hope they add these features at a later date. It will make my life a whole lot easier.

Pinging Your Favorites from iTunes to Twitter

This is really cool. If you signup on twitter and on itunes then you can elect to ping your purchases and favorite songs to your timeline.

I used this to pick my son’s band out of iTunes then Liked the album. It pinged twttier a display of all the songs on the album with play buttons to sample each one.

All you need to do is select a song on your iTunes list and then click on the Ping button. If you haven’t connected it with your iTunes and twitter accounts then it will walk you through connecting the two. You can select either auto or manual for purchases and listened to. I selected manual because I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to know when I buy or listen to a song, but they might want to when you do.

Have fun singing and tweeting. 🙂

Now that is cool.

Start Your Own Social Network

I’ve been searching around for the perfect tool to create a social network. While I could use facebook, I’m tired of the errors and actual facebook snooping. I like my privacy.

I’ve tried php/mysql server apps such as dolphin and elgg on my server, but these are so time consuming and tedious. Seriously, I have a business to run and I don’t have time to fight people trying to destroy my social network or people logging in to scam others nor do I have an extra $100,000 to pay an IT person or two.

Then I found Ning. With this site I can create a social network, add widgets, add forums, blogs, etc. People can add their own flair and have fun. The only issue for me right now is that it is a monthly fee of around $25.00 per month. While this is much better than paying two IT people, it’s just another added cost to my growing business funds.

I am only going to hold on to the Ning account if people are active. I’ve been looking for something that my conservative business friends and I can babble about business, buying, and politics all day long without the worry that facebook will slam us for advertising. Ning allows me to do this.

If I do hold on to it then I will review it at a deeper level. I’ve got to add other members first and get their opinions as well. So join us! (no longer active)

Don’t Forget to Add Your Event to

I was just setting up my Yelp account when I noticed that my son’s first real on-stage concert with his band could be added as an event. I zipped right over to the promoter of the concert to let him know.

What a really great idea! It looks like the event page on yelp is just for the promoter or company to add new items. I added myself as attending and went on my way. If you own a site on Yelp, be sure to add the event because otherwise you could be missing out on a lot of people that don’t visit their facebook pages every day. Right? You do add your event to your facebook pages? Good.

There are so many place you can add to your social networking. Why not just hire a social network guru to add them for you? 🙂 Like me. Of course, if you are just a reviewer on Yelp you can always use the events calendar to check out what is going on in your neighborhood. It’s much easier than reading it in the paper.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom

As I think back to all the years we spent together I realize that you have always been there for me. Of course, I knew this all along, but it had never really hit home until today when I called you to say Happy Mother’s Day.

Even when I was the brattiest of the brats, and I was a brat, you still accepted me.

Even when I turned my back on you and did things you didn’t approve of, you still loved me.

Even when you warned me about the one I married (and you were right!), you still supported my choice

Even when I let you down, you picked me up and told me I could succeed.

And, even though we live 2,000 miles apart, I still think daily about how you never gave up on me. This is something I hope to pass on to my children. Although it has been a difficult ride, I know I will always love them just as much as you love me.

Thank you, Mom. You’re the best Mother a girl could ever have. I love you.

To all the Moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day. May your kids be as proud of and your children cherish you as much as I cherish my Mom.

Order Your Food Online – Delivery or To Go

What do geekmom’s do when it’s too hot to cook and we’re just to busy blogging? We order food online. No, it’s not what you think. We don’t always order pizza, we order Chinese, Indian, Italian, and more!

I first tried, but they didn’t have anything in my area. Then I tried and this company had at least 20 restaurants near my location. I suppose many of these places would deliver any way, but why not try it?

What I want is a food delivery service where I order online and the person drives out to get it. Then I can order whatever I want, whenever I want. What and should do is get restaurants to advertise on their site and then pay people in their area that can jump on the go to pick it up for others. Of course, that is going to be difficult when covering so many cities, but I’m sure in this economy that people are willing to do stranger things to make money.

After almost15 years of the www’s existence and over almost 40 years of the Internet’s presence, you would think the online ordering problem would have been eliminated. I guess we can always dream.

I know I get quite a few small business owners reading my blog, why not make your own food ordering place in your area. I’d blog about you here so that people know about you. I’d tweet your name out and make sure you were able to get lots of press. You could offer $5.00 trips on while building your business and eventually take orders over paypal and hire others to do the driving for you.

Small business. What a concept!

How to Get Your Twitter to Update Facebook

Now isn’t this just the coolest thing in the world. As many of you already know I love automation, it won’t be a surprise to you that I’ve found a new way to update facebook from twitter without any kind of 3rd party tinkering. Granted, it might get annoying for your friends on facebook if you tweet a lot, but hey it’s social networking.

All you need to do is log into facebook and then into twitter and click on your personal menu in the upper right corner. Next, click on settings and scroll down to profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the Update Facebook box. It will ask you to give the application permission. Once you give the app permission, it will work for for you.

Sometimes it doesn’t update and I don’t know why, but it does work most of the time. There are better ways to do this through services such as, but if you want a simple way to get your facebook page updated with just a tweet then try it and see if it works for you.