What to Blog About?

Most bloggers talk about what they know. There are high tech bloggers and there are sales bloggers. There are doctors who blog and there are hypnotherapists who blog. There is a niche market for almost every concept and within these blog pages I will teach you how to narrow down a topic to where you will be on the top of your niche on Google.

For now it’s time to start thinking about what you want to blog about. Make a list of 25 to 50 topics that interest you. You don’t have to be an expert in each topic as long as you know where to find information when you need it. In fact, when you have created 1 or 2 blogs and blogging becomes very easy for you then you could even hire someone to write blog posts for you. For now, let’s stick to what you know.

Divide your list into related groups and then sort the lists from the most interest to the least interest then think up keywords for these groups. Keywords are words or phrases used in google to find related text. It’s what you type into the search engine to get your links. For example, if you’re looking for sites to tell you how to make money blogging you would type in make money blogging into google.

Next to each keyword phrase type in the number of search results. This will narrow down your competition. The less results for a keyword phrase the higher the chance you will hit the top of google.

After you find the keyword phrases use the google keyword tool to find out how many people search for your keywords. We’re looking for a high amount of search and a low amount of search results. Once you find a high amount of searches. Also make sure there are a lot of supporting keywords in the bottom half of the page. These are very important to note as most will become your supporting keywords for your blog posts.

In your notebook make note of which ones have the following criteria:

Least search results
Highest searches
Most related keywords

The one with the best outcome from above will be your domain name.

How Professional Blogging Works

Blogging has been a hot topic for almost a decade now. What started out as journal websites and web logs has now been merged with content management systems and turned into blogs. At first it was meant to be more of a journal for a person and then the two systems seemed to have collided into a blog. As the software become more sophisticated more people and companies started using the blog software as a tool to create websites that are easily updated without the hassle of uploading files.

I run about 20 blogs that constantly change throughout the week. People come back for information on niche markets and read weekly content. From these pages I sell adlinks and products. This site is a blog. As you will see from this site I have affiliate links to many books on HTML, blogging, and design. I also resell this site in book format and I’m an affiliate for a few website services.

Every week there are 1 or 2 new articles on each one of my blogs that draws attention to my affiliate links.

There are hundreds of people doing this for a living. There are magazine sites hiring tons of people as professional bloggers. There are companies who hire bloggers to write about weekly news or product updates. The possibilities are almost endless.

Do you love to write? Do you have an affection for Internet marketing? Maybe you enjoy doing the techie work? Any of these can help spur you along your way to owning a professional blog.

How I Make Money on the Internet

I’ve been working from the comfort of my own home while owning an Internet business for more than a decade. I know that many have tried over and over again only to fail miserably each time. Well, now I’m going to tell you my Internet secrets.

This might make some people angry as they sell this information for hundreds of dollars. I’m practically giving it away to you in these blog pages. You can either wait for all the information to come out weekly or if you’re the impatient type of person then you will be able to buy this information in an ebook or in print format and delivered to your doorstep.

It took me years and years of trial and error to get this right. It might not work for everyone, but it does work for me. I can create my own schedule. I can pick up kids from school when I want to. I can attend their meetings and functions without asking a boss. I can clean house or shop when I want to. I can do all of these things and more because I work from home on my own schedule.

No, I’m not a millionaire (yet). I don’t have a ton of people running around working for me. I don’t drive a BMW and pretend to look all special with a $500 car payment. I’m not controlled by fame and fortune and by needing recognition with those things, but if I wanted them I could set a goal to get them.

I’m a Mom. I’m divorced and have one income – mine. I’m not on food stamps. My ex is a dead beat. I don’t receive welfare. I don’t work for someone else and I don’t rely on borrowed time. What I do is work hard at putting my Internet business together and within these pages I’m going to tell you how I do it. I’m going to give you the mechanics on how I do it. I’m going to show you how my business works and the technical areas you will need to know.

How much will it cost you? Almost nothing. It could be as low as $6.00 per month to make $500 or $2,000 per month or even more. It’s not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not a multi-level marketing plan. You’re not going to bug your neighbors and family to buy products.

All you need is a dream, a little bit of creativity, possibly some writing skills, pocket change, and an idea. Some of these things you could even outsource if you can’t write a simple 300 to 500 word essay. It’s so easy that a 14-year old kid could do it if he didn’t need to be 18 years old to collect the money from the affiliates.

So stay tuned for more information.